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What It’s Like to Be a Beach Bum 🏝️

Man lounging on a beach chair at the ocean

What It’s Like to Be a Beach Bum 🏝️

And our favorite parts of planning your vacation.

Life's a Beach

And we’re just livin’ it up! When you get to wake up every day and send people to amazing destinations and unforgettable vacations, it’s a wonderful feeling. From the experienced jet setter to the family vacationers leaving the country for the first time, there’s so much fun we get to have, and we want to make sure you know that being a Beach Bum…IS KICK ASS!

You want to be a Beach Bum too, huh? Click here!

What We Do & How We Do It

Our main goal is easy to understand: to send everyone we work with on breathtaking vacations and adventures that excite a passion for world travel. How we do it is by focusing on each traveler we work with to learn their favorite parts of vacation. We take time to get to know you and what you are looking for out of your travel and then craft a vacation and itinerary that is customized to your vibe!

It’s fun getting to know you—and as you get to know us, you’ll learn the finer details of being a professional Beach Bum. 😉

Hammock in a palm tree with a view of the ocean and over the water bungalows

Bums with Connections

As dedicated Beach Bums, one of the aspects we cherish the most is the privilege of providing you with the numerous benefits that stem from our partnerships with resorts worldwide. This means you'll receive exclusive insider knowledge and expert tips to elevate your vacation experience from a simple week away from home to the most extraordinary getaway you've ever had.

As Beach Bums ourselves, we make the sacrifice and go visit the resorts we partner with…we know, we know, it sounds like hard work. 😆 But, really, we are working when we visit resorts—to discover new things and develop new and fresh deals for our travelers (okay, we do get to have a little fun when we do in-destination research but hey, a true Beach Bum has to spend a little time on the beach!).

Woman on a beach chair with her feet in the water along the ocean edge

The True Beach Bum

Before you go, let us give you a picture of what being a Beach Bum really looks like: drink in hand, sun in the sky, beach waiting for you to come relax, and your closest friends and family all enjoying the same fun in the sun. That’s what it looks like, but where you bum it up depends on you! So, don’t be shy, you deserve a vacation—the Beach Bum way!

Our Team Is Ready

We’ve got a full team of pro Beach Bums just waiting on you to give us a call or reach out to us online. Tell us your dates and get ready to be sent on a wild vacation and become the Beach Bum you’ve always been meant to be! Meet our Beach Bums.

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