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Destinations Away from the Tourist Crowds

Destinations Away from the Tourist Crowds

A blog for those who prefer a less people-filled vacation…

F the Crowds

For some of you, that statement feels right—for those of you who love the crowds, you’ll be better off reading this. And for those of you who are still here, we’ve got your fill of options that take you away from all the hustle and bustle of packed resorts and destinations and plant you in quieter places that will have you celebrating a vacation that embraces introverts and crowd avoiders in the most peaceful ways. A less crowded vacay doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. We highly encourage you to consider a solo trip, couples trip, group trip, or family trip to any of the destinations below!

Even though the crowds are low at these places, the fun and entertainment are high, guaranteed. 😉

Destination #1: Africa

The cradle of life, Africa, is an excellent choice for a vacation when you want to disconnect from the world and land in a region where you won’t experience any overcrowding. Here you’ll jump from lodge to lodge, go on safaris, witness the majesty of these lands, and of course, do it all with fewer people around! Now, there will be others you’ll encounter on safari or at the lodge, but not to the extent of tropical destinations. It would take A LOT of people to make the Sahara feel crowded.

Destination #2: Cinque Terre, Italy (Off Season)

Italy is a major yes for most vacationers who want to check Europe off their bucket list. But, for those who prefer less crowds, Europe and especially Italy can seem a little intimidating. That’s why we recommend exploring this amazing city and country during their off-season! This would limit your travel window to mid-September through the winter months, but it will allow you unprecedented access to a city with fewer crowds and so much to do and explore. We’ll send you there at the right time, just tell us you are feelin’ Italian.

Destination #3: Galway, Ireland

Ireland might strike you as surprising for a less crowded vacation, and you would be right to feel that way if we were talking about Dublin. Galway, however, is much less crowded on average and will allow you to experience the magic and kindness that is in Ireland. In Galway, you’ll be able to witness the history, taste the food, and drink the beer while you take in the surrounding oceans and castles. Skip Dublin and go to Galway instead if you tend to avoid the crowds!

Destination #4: Reykjavik, Iceland

Do you really want to avoid big crowds? Go somewhere cold—this untraditional type of vacation is almost a guaranteed way to avoid crowds. We suggest visiting the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik! This sleepy city is loaded with museums, local and cultural cuisine, and some top-notch places to stay while you visit. You just have to experience the rotating Perlan Glass Dome that offers sweeping views of the sea and surrounding hilly terrain! You won’t believe some of the architecture you see here, but you will believe that there are fewer crowds here when you visit.

Destination #5: Nisyros Island, Greece

Greece is probably one of the most crowded regions you could visit on this good green earth. But, you don’t like crowds, so we dug up a place you can visit in Greece too, and still avoid all the people—Nisyros Island is the ticket. Located in the Aegean Sea, this island is home to some amazing luxury options for lodging and unlimited things to do, like water activities, shopping, and plenty of places to explore. An island can only fit so many people, and this less popular choice in Greece will give you an authentic Grecian experience, without crowds of people surrounding you.

Introverts, It’s Time for Vacation

It’s okay to not like crowds, you just need a travel planner who knows the right places to send you. So don’t be shy, the Beach Bums will send you to a destination that checks all the boxes for your vacation.

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