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The Best Foodie Destinations

Three happy girls in France eating pizza together outside.

The Best Foodie Destinations

Discover what vacation should really taste like…

A Taste of the Good Life

Through the teeth, through the gums, look out vacation, here we come! If you’re a foodie, then you have all the things you need for an excursion out in the world that is loaded with some delectable meals and treats. You have a refined palette (pinkies up) and 5-star food really gets your gears going—you deserve to have that celebrated, especially on vacation. That’s why we compiled some of the best foodie destinations below for you, straight from our brains to your, um…well, your tongue.

Paris, France

À Paris, vous découvrirez la nourriture la plus délicieuse…just kidding! But, if you do take time to Google translate that, we said in Paris you will discover the most delicious foods—and it’s true! Highly renowned as the hub of world-class restaurants, chefs, and tastes, any foodie is happy landing in this city. You will be greeted with freshly baked pastries, Michelin-star restaurants, and chefs, and a welcoming destination full of sights to be seen and tastes to be savored. Along with some stunning accommodation options, you can build an itinerary here that has you frequenting the best places to eat while enjoying some added luxury in between meals. Just remember, you can only bring so many baguettes home through customs.

Gif of a cartoon saying "Are you going to finish that croissant?"

Tuscany, Italy 

The other well-known leader in all things food is none other than Tuscany, Italy! With its collection of fine dining restaurants and cultural dishes, you’d be crazy to think you can get through life being a foodie and never visit Tuscany. In Italy, obviously, pasta is the name of the game—many of the world’s top chefs hail from this region and when you visit you will dance through luxury hotels, have fine dining experiences, and maybe even get some historical landmark sightseeing, you know, between all the eating. As your taste buds rejoice, you will have bustling cities and friendly people to experience and enjoy during your stay. Regional Tuscan food has its own flare too, so we highly recommend fully immersing yourself in their flavors and the power that they put into their food.

“In America, one must be something, but in Italy, one can simply be.” -Pietro Maneos

London, England 

Okay, hear us out here. The last one on this list is London, England. For those of you who are a little skeptical, we understand, BUT…London has a unique blend of A TON of different culinary influences spanning from the local people all the way to India. That’s right, some of the most enjoyable curries in the world can be found right here in England (and you can thank some very influential people for that!). On top of that, their cuisine stretches further into seafood (like, who doesn’t love fish and chips?), and other local staples like shepherd's pie, that you just have to put on your foodie bucket list. Maybe you will catch a football game (that’s soccer to Americans), or take a ride on the London Eye. No matter how you spend your time, it will be speckled with unforgettable meals and you’ll be sure to discover some really great new foods too! Unfortunately, the King of England is already taken—but, with a trip from our team, you will be feeling like royalty!

A three picture collage of an assortment of small desserts, a view from dinner overlooking beautiful blue water with a seafood pasta dinner and two glasses of white wine and lastly a dinner plate of cooked chicken and fries.

Follow Your Tastebuds

If you’re not a certified foodie yet, that’s okay! After a trip planned by the Beach Bums, you will be a master of food and know where to find the best tastes in the world. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. We do the planning, which includes where to eat too, so that you can focus on your foodie adventure. Bὸn appetit, you beautiful foodie.

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