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Walk Along the Devil’s Bridge in Antigua

Every now & then it's good to get away from the 5 star hotels to experience the natural side of a tropical destination. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't get some adrenaline pumping with some out-of-this-world experiences. Throughout the Caribbean there are opportunities for tourists to perform daring feats not possible back at home.

Antigua is host to a variety of a variety of activities & locations for the adventurous traveler, but perhaps the most exhilarating one is a trip to more eastern side of the island at the Devil's Bridge.

The site was named a national park decades ago, allowing travelers to freely enjoy it. Sometimes there are vendors selling drinks & snacks around the area so people can spend as long as they'd like enjoying the gorgeous space.

This natural attraction along the coast was formed over years from erosion from the crashing waves against the limestone cliff, according to Antigua Nice. Carved into the rock are blowholes where water pressure builds up over time. When a large wave hits, the water shoots up into the air. For family vacations, the area might be a little too slippery for young ones since there are no protective rails along the side, reported USA Today.

Devil's Bridge got its name from the turbulent waters below & a legend that states slaves used to jump off the cliff to finally escape their masters.

Anyone looking to witness the true marvel of nature need only travel to Devil's Bridge. A large portion of the cliff broke away centuries ago, making the bridge people see today. Travelers should seize the chance to see the force of the ocean at work while they still have the chance.

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