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Top 3 Reasons to Take an Adults-only Luxury Vacation

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

There's no doubt that there are a multitude of benefits to taking a family vacation, but it's just as important to take some time away from the kids. A getaway with just your spouse can not only offer you a newfound perspective on your marriage, but can also help to strengthen your relationship. Whether you feel like you've lost some of your spark or simply don't have enough alone time together, a luxury vacation presents the perfect chance to get closer in a relaxing environment. These are just a few of the major advantages you should consider:

Learn something new There's plenty to learn on a vacation overseas. While trekking through the rainforests of Costa Rica, you might become rather knowledgeable about the plant & animal species there. Or, alternatively, when you're on a tour in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, you may become an expert on the Mayan ruins. More importantly, though, you & your significant other can learn a lot about each other. You may discover that your sweetie has an interest in ancient art or a penchant for Caribbean cuisine. While basking on the beach in Bora Bora, you might even share stories about yourself that you couldn't ever find time for back home.

Find a shared interest A getaway for just the grownups is also an optimal time to pick up a new hobby or interest. You could try taking surfing lessons together in Hawaii, or go scuba diving in Turks & Caicos. Foodie couples might consider a resort that offers a special cuisine-focused package, including special classes or meals prepared by renowned chefs. When you return from your vacation, you'll have a common interest that will strengthen your bond. Who knows? You might even begin cooking together, or start planning more trips around your new favorite water sport.

Re-ignite your passion With all of the obligations & difficulties you & your spouse deal with on a daily basis, it's no wonder the passion has suffered. However, a breathtaking exotic environment is bound to infuse some romance into a lackluster relationship. Plus, with none of the distractions you typically face, it'll be much easier to focus on getting that spark back. Make sure to book a seaside candlelight dinner under the stars for a truly special evening. You might also consider a resort with an on-site spa, as a couples massage is an intimate way to de-stress.

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