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Tips for Traveling Solo

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Luxury vacation travel can be just as rewarding & enjoyable on your own. While some people prefer to share the special experiences of their trip, a vacation by yourself means you are able to do any & all of the activities you desire – whether that includes adventurous tours in Costa Rica or just kicking back on a beach in Turks & Caicos. Still, there are certain factors that ladies need to take into account when going solo to ensure a safe, memorable stay.

Do Your Research The more you know about the destination ahead of time, the better you can prepare. Start by going over a map to gain a better sense of direction upon arrival. Once you have a basic understanding of the location, it's time to research the local businesses & attractions. USA Today pointed out that in certain places, such as Caribbean islands, certain hygiene necessities may be harder to come by. Even if you bring all of the medications you need, it's helpful to research what stores & pharmacies are nearby in case of an emergency. Additionally, if you have any special dietary needs, look into which restaurants & eateries can accommodate those requirements.

Choose the right resort Where you stay can have a drastic impact on your trip, particularly when taking a vacation alone. Some luxury hotels in the Caribbean might have more activities to keep solo travelers busy, or even better on-site restaurants & bars. USA Today recommended asking the concierge about any special events for singles. Consulting with these advisors is also a great way to gain some insight into what areas are safer than others while getting some tips on attractions that are relevant to your interests.

Get Acclimated Try to control your excitement upon arrival & avoid going out of your comfort zone too quickly, particularly when it comes to nightlife. National Geographic explained that easing into a foreign location helps travelers gain a more realistic & deeper perspective on their surroundings. The news provider suggested taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, which can provide an optimal chance to immerse oneself in a foreign culture in a different way while benefiting from the added security of a group. Beach Bum CARES offers such experiences in a variety of exotic destinations.

Blend In Acting the part of a local is key for avoiding potentially dangerous scenarios. When packing apparel & jewelry, USA Today advised taking into account the locals' dress code to avoid standing out too much. For example, the news outlet noted that women may dress more modestly in the Caribbean. It's OK to engage with strangers on your trip, but solo travelers should limit how much information they offer up. Sometimes admitting that you're vacationing alone can make you more of a target. Additionally, in a potentially dangerous scenario, it can be effective to say that a person is waiting for you somewhere.

Keep in contact Staying in touch with loved ones – whether by phone, email, text messages or social media – is a great way to share special moments from the trip. According to the AARP, it's also a safety tactic: If friends or family members can expect to hear from you at certain points throughout your stay, they are better able to identify if something has gone wrong. It's also a good idea to store the number for the local tourist police in your cell as well as a list of emergency contacts in your wallet in case you lose your phone or another problem occurs.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. A solitary expedition is an exciting adventure full of endless opportunities for learning. By considering these measures on your next trip, not only will you be more secure, but you might even discover new things about yourself.

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