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Tips for Smooth Sailing on Your Honeymoon

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

When you & your partner sit down to plan your honeymoon, you're probably envisioning one of the most romantic vacations of your life, including palm trees swaying in the breeze, gorgeous sunsets & endless stretches of sand for just the two of you. At Beach Bum Vacation, we see no reason why your dreams can't become a reality! Follow these tips to make sure your honeymoon in Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean or another tropical location is stress free:

Agree on a budget & location When you're married, one of your biggest lessons will be learning how to do everything as a team – including planning your honeymoon. Start by agreeing upon a realistic budget together & commit to it. From there, be sure you both agree on the destination. You may have always dreamed of a honeymoon in Tahiti, but perhaps this isn't your new spouse's dream destination. Remember – this is a honeymoon for both of you, & the destination should reflect both of your interests.

Ask for help After planning your wedding, the last thing you & your sweetie will feel like doing is planning the perfect honeymoon. At Beach Bum Vacation, we think this is totally understandable, which is why we're here to give you a helping hand every step of the way. We want your honeymoon planning process to be completely stress free, so whether you can't decide on the right destination or can't seem to find the ideal resort, we're here to help. Kick back, relax & leave the planning to us.

Find adult only honeymoon resorts Your honeymoon should be a time for your & your new spouse to spend some quality time alone, but few things can end this dream quicker than staying at a family-oriented resort. When researching hotels, be sure to look for those that cater to adults & honeymooners in particular. These adult only resorts are more likely to meet your needs & understand that you & your sweetie will want a little privacy on your vacation. Along the same lines, make sure you tell the resort that you're on your honeymoon. Sometimes, they will give you a free upgrade or leave a bottle of champagne in your room to help you celebrate the occasion.

Get some rest You may have imagined jetting off into the sunset immediately after your wedding, but oftentimes, this isn't the best idea. After your ceremony & reception, you & your spouse will be in need of some serious rest. Of course, you might be thinking you can easily make up for this by dozing on the plane, but let's be honest – no one has gotten a good night's sleep on an airplane. Rather than show up in paradise ready to hit the hay instead of the beach, plan your honeymoon for one or two days after your reception. This will give you plenty of time to rest before you head to the tropics.

Schedule activities, but leave room for downtime Many honeymooners say the best part of their trip was participating in fun & unique activities with their spouse. Whether you go scuba diving in Mexico or attend a luau in Hawaii, getting out of your resort & having fun can make you & your loved one feel closer & give you memories to last a lifetime. However, make sure your honeymoon itinerary isn't jam-packed with tropical adventures. Your honeymoon is all about rest and romance, so make sure it includes plenty of downtime for you & your sweetie to simply lay on the sand, sip tropical drinks & remember what made you fall in love in the first place.

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