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The Benefits of Corporate Vacations

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

In the current economy, employers may not make corporate vacations a priority, but there are plenty of benefits to offering workers luxury vacations to destinations like Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica & the Caribbean. From boosting productivity to helping your employees bond, here are some of the top benefits of sending your employees to indulge in adult vacations in the tropics:

Increase satisfaction It's no secret that many modern jobs come with their fair share of stress. In fact, a 2012 Gallup poll shows that one-third of employees said they were totally dissatisfied with the amount of on-the-job stress they have to endure. Employers who feel their workers are becoming overly stressed out by their daily tasks should consider how relaxing some time away from the office could be for their employees. When they jet off on luxury vacations, it will be easy to let their professional stress slip away.

Provide a well-deserved vacation Even if employers give their workers plenty of PTO days, they should look into how much time off these individuals are actually taking. Oftentimes, employees feel they simply have too much on their plates to take time off. According to CNN Money, the average American gets about 12 vacation days per year; however, they only use 10 of them. To avoid developing a culture where your employees feel they can't leave the office, consider investing in a corporate vacation. This will show your employees that not only is vacation time OK, but it's encouraged.

Help employees bond As the adage goes, "Employees that play together, stay together." For a variety of reasons, it's crucial for your employees to get along & understand how they can work together to solve complex problems. There is perhaps no better place to help your employees bond than paradise. When you put your employees in a situation where they can simply relax & unwind, they are more likely to take the time to get to know their peers & understand who they are as people & professionals.

Boost productivity Today, it's not uncommon for employees to be connected to their jobs 24/7. Many of us are guilty of checking our work email as soon as we wake up, while one-third of employees eat their lunch at their desks, The New York Times reports. However, various studies have indicated that being constantly connected doesn't necessarily mean employees are being more productive. A 2006 study by accounting firm Ernst & Young, for example, found that for every 10 extra hours of vacation workers took, their annual performance rating by their supervisor rose 8 percent. At the same time, those employees who took more vacation time were less likely to leave the company than their coworkers. Based on the results of this study, if you want to improve productivity & retention, get your employees to the beach!

Heighten employee loyalty On average, employees in their 20s change jobs every two years, creating a culture in which workers do not feel loyal to their employers. In fact, a majority of employees do trust their employer, according to Psychology Today. This, of course, can lead to high turnover rates, which are not beneficial to any business. To show your employees you value their hard work & hope to keep them within the company, send them on a corporate vacation. This perk is often enough to boost employees' loyalty, & show them that the company cares about them & hopes to continue to invest in their development.

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