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Take the stress out of travel with the Beach Bum Vacation App

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

At Beach Bum Vacation, we know that planning luxury vacations is a project that requires a lot of time & effort, which a lot of busy people don't have. The stress can often be so overwhelming that it takes the pleasure out of traveling. But without planning, you could end up missing out on certain restaurants, activities & other aspects of the trip that have the potential to make it more memorable.

Cramped for time but want to make sure you maximize your stay? Let our Certified Travel Concierges do the work with our free Beach Bum Vacation app. The program – which is available for both AppleAndroid phones – allows you to eliminate any of the hassles involved in planning a trip, all while benefiting from our expert advice. After all, many travel professionals agree that it takes a knowledgeable, hardworking and understanding travel agent to create a vacation you'll remember forever.

"The secret that most travelers who enjoy stress-free vacations keep in their back pocket is a really good travel agent," said Mary Clegg, vice president of the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA), according to Everyday Health.

A travel agent's job is to help you plan an ideal trip according to your tastes & desires, & that's exactly what the app can do. Want to read reviews from other Beach Bums? Looking to find special events at the destination of your Beach Bum Vacation? Hoping to connect with Certified Travel Concierges directly? All of that is possible from the push of a button on your mobile phone. You can even view videos on your device about Beach Bum Vacations or send in your own photos to be posted in the gallery. Armed with all of this information, you can easily plot out your next beach wedding in the Caribbean, honeymoon in Jamaica or family vacation in Mexico.

And with all that time saved from planning on the app, you can spend more time enjoying the sights, sunshine & strawberry margaritas on your next Beach Bum Vacation.

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