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Shop Till You Drop at St. John’s Saturday Morning Market on Antigua

When you take all inclusive trips to the Caribbean, you probably want to head home with more than a tan. Finding the perfect souvenir won't be a problem on Antigua, as the St. John's Saturday Morning Market on Market Street is filled with rows of colorful stalls selling their handmade island goods. From musical instruments to fresh produce, you'll find whatever you're looking for at this vibrant market.

Other duty-free marketplaces across Antigua might be more popular than the Saturday Morning Market, but travel experts say this is truly the best place to find unique wares to help you remember your Beach Bum Vacation to Antigua. As the Caribbean sun wraps you in its warmth, stroll through aisles of fresh okra, coconut & papaya, or grab a prepared snack, like fried green tomatoes. Once you're done satisfying your appetite, feast your eyes on rows of freshly picked, kaleidoscopic flowers & multicolored handicrafts.

Throughout your shopping experience, be sure to take a minute to appreciate your surroundings. This is one of the best places to soak in the sights & sounds of Antigua, as the market is full of local cuisine, all-Antiguan products &, of course, a little island gossip.

It's best to visit the market as early as possible, since it tends to be a bit crowded. If you're traveling with small children on your family vacation in the Caribbean, this is especially important so you can avoid the midday chaos. At the same time, while the market is the perfect spot to take some incredible photos of your trip to Antigua, Frommer's advises visitors to avoid taking photos of a market worker without asking for permission. Some will expect a tip for posing in your pictures.

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