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Pointers for Better Beach Photos

When you're on a luxury vacation, whether it's a family trip to Turks & Caicos or a honeymoon in Tahiti, you'll likely want to snap a few photographs on the beach. Between the stunning turquoise waves & pure white sand, you essentially have the perfect backdrop.

Still, beach photography requires certain tactics to ensure the images come out the way you want them to. Due to stronger sunlight, you'll need to take a few factors into account before snapping away. Here are some pointers for perfect pictures:

Shy away from shadows It's hard to avoid harsh shadows when the sun is blazing bright, but there are some measures you can take to minimize them. Exposure Guide suggested using a white towel to bounce light onto the subject's face if you don't have a circular reflector. A fill-in flash can also be helpful for deflecting more light onto your subjects if you're using an SLR.

Consider contrast While high contrast isn't always a desirable effect, sometimes it can't be avoided with the sun high in the sky. This can offer a striking look when it comes to black & white photos, so consider taking advantage of the stronger shadows & brighter areas with a red or polarizing filter. As an added bonus, Exposure Guide pointed out that this will help with lowering flare. If you're dealing with a stormy sky at the beach, black & white is ideal for achieving an artistic photo.

It's all in the timing While mid-day may be a great time to build your tan, it's not necessarily the best for photography. You're better off snapping some photos early in the day or at sunset, when light is less intense. So right before breakfast or after a game of beach volleyball late afternoon, pull out your camera & capitalize on the warm light that's ultra flattering.

Experiment with angles If you only shoot from one angle, you might end up with some pretty boring photos. There are endless opportunities for avoiding clichés by simply changing your perspective, however. Try having your loved one look out to the ocean & shooting from behind their shoulder to capture their view. Take a photo of your kids splashing in the water from up above to get a different look at their playfulness. Even their footprints in the sand can make an interesting shot. Don't miss out on any action, either. Capture the moments while your children are building a sand castle. Don't by shy about candids, either – be sneaky & you can get a peaceful shot of your sweetie reading a book in the shade.

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