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Party Island-Style on Fridays in St. Lucia

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

By the time Friday rolls around, you're ready to unwind with a refreshing cocktail, slip on your dancing shoes & hit your favorite local bar. Things are no different in St. Lucia, except locals launch into the weekend with a massive outdoor bash. If you're looking to kick things up a notch & see how the islanders party on your next luxury vacation, set aside some time to check out these festivities.

The Gros Islet Jump-Up Every Friday night, the sleepy fishing village of Gros Islet turns into St. Lucia's largest street party. Whether you like to dance or just want to sway to Caribbean beats, the festivities at the Jump-Up will show you a different side of the island. explained that music & seafood are two of the island's most significant past times. So what better way to immerse yourself in the indigenous lifestyle, entertainment and ambiance than at this kind of celebration? Enormous speakers are set up to blast energetic tunes from the central intersection, & occasionally there are even live bands. You'll also get a taste of local flavor: many residents sell a range of fare out of their tents for you to nosh on when you take a break from dancing. From barbecue chicken to grilled fish, there's plenty of options for you to savor along with a soda or a beer.

According to Kenwood Travel, this tradition came about years ago when farmers had excess crops to dispose of. As the island's trade began to emphasize tourism over exporting crops, the vibe at these events dramatically changed. Now, the street gatherings shut down all of the roads so that villagers & visitors alike can groove until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The Anse La Raye Fish Fry If you're craving authentic seafood on your getaway, The Fish Fry in the quaint village of Anse La Raye on Friday nights is a delicious dream come true. According to, this festival also closes the streets so that attendees have plenty of room to dance to the live music & feast on locals' catch of the day, including whole lobsters, shrimp, crab & conch. Between bites of fish cakes, a Caribbean specialty, you can mix & mingle with villagers & even browse handmade crafts, which make a great souvenir. 

You won't just be having fun, you'll also be supporting the local economy. The Caribbean Tourism Organization noted that the The Anse La Raye Fish Fry has had a significantly positive effect by boosting the profits of previously unemployed vendors. It's not only fisherman that have reaped the advantages, either. Craftsman, restaurant owners & performers have all benefited as well.

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