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Insider’s Guide: The Pulsing Nightlife of Punta Cana

Whether you're here for a destination wedding, a girl's trip or a weekend getaway with your significant other, you can't come to Punta Cana without exploring the eccentric nightlife. With an endless range of possibilities, you'll definitely find something to do after dark, no matter your age, music tastes or preferred cocktail.

Here are some of the highlights to consider for your after-hours mischief:

Oro Craving for some American-style clubbing in the Dominican Republic? Look no further than Oro, which is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. With an award-winning sound system & a stunning two-story LED wall display, the experience here is meant to mimic that of a hot Miami or Vegas nightclub. After entering, you'll have two levels to choose from for hanging out or busting a move. The rhythms & beats are so infectious that you'll be dancing the night away before you know it – & you might even spot a celebrity next to you.

Soles Chill Out Bar ​If you're looking for a more tame atmosphere, the title of this bar says it all. Punta Cana TV noted that there are plenty of comfy cushioned chairs facing the ocean. Mood lighting & soothing lounge music make for a perfect spot to grab a cocktail with your sweetie or just catch up with a friend. On nights & weekends you'll likely get to mingle with some locals, when a DJ provides the soundtrack for all-night beach parties.

Imagine Imagine dancing into the wee hours inside a natural cave & that's what you'll get at Punta Cana's hottest & newest mega-club. Between a lit-up dance floor & live bats flying around the ceiling, Imagine's ambience makes for a truly surreal & unforgettable evening. After descending underground, you'll have three different caves to choose from, each with their own DJ & distinctive vibe. Be prepared to pay a cover charge for entry, but rest assured that it's well worth it to explore this unique disco.

Areito ​For those that are seeking a more authentic experience, this is the perfect place to soak in some local flavor. According to Punta Cana Travel Guide, Areito translates to "The Dance of the Gods." So it's no wonder that the grooving here is superior to most other clubs in the district. While one dance hall features a mix of traditional styles, like salsa, merengue & reggaeton, the other plays music from all around the world. Since Areito is a popular spot, expect to pay a cover. Then order a potent cocktail & prepare to learn some new moves.

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