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Indulge your Inner Locavore in Negril

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The term "locavore" has become a well-known way of describing people who only eat ingredients that were sourced locally, which is a rising trend across the world. In Jamaica, though, this idea is not just a passing fad – it's the only way. Every meal on this island is made with the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs & other foods that were grown & harvested remarkably close to where they are served. 

For this reason, Negril is an ideal place for foodies. Here are some of the top restaurants to experience the farm-to-table culinary concept on a luxury vacation:

Sweet Spice Stepping into this restaurant feels like walking into an inviting Jamaican abode – & the cozy wood atmosphere & comforting aromas of authentic dishes are certain to make you feel right at home. Jamaica Travel and Culture noted that locals regard this as one of the best places to get authentic food, such as saltfish, curried goat, stew chicken & conch steak. Wash it all down with a refreshing pawpaw daiquiri as a cool breeze wafts through the open doorway.

3 Dives If you can find your way to this hidden gem on the west end of Negril, you'll instantly be overwhelmed by the aroma of jerk chicken smoldering over a fragrant wood fire. Caribbean Travel magazine reported that the three "jerk brothers" at 3 Dives make their famous "granny sauce" in-house, which is so popular that patrons often insist on taking some home. Savor a local lobster grilled over allspice charcoal & served with garlic butter, callaloo, rice & peas. Then sip on a cold Jamaican beer by the flickering fire as the sun sets over the cliff.

La Vendôme The cuisine at this elegant five-star restaurant fuses French & Caribbean flavors for a unique culinary experience. Savory seafood crepes and the Caribbean pork are both a highlight, but you can't go wrong with the dishes here, all of which are made with meat, grains, vegetables & dairy products from the owners' own farm. Gourmands should opt for the five-course meal, which changes every night. Stop by on Thursday & Saturday nights to watch the live heritage shows with traditional Jamaican folk music.

Hungry Lion Vegetarians will rejoice at this relaxed eatery, which serves up a range of innovative & richly flavorful meatless dishes, like the grilled tofu with peanut sauce or curried chickpea burrito. If you're craving seafood, you have plenty of options as well – don't miss the thyme fish cakes with cumin yogurt sauce. Customize your own exotic cocktail or sample some of the menu's offerings at the all-natural juice bar. Then stick around & sway to live roots reggae & be sure to stop by the art gallery on the lower level on your way out.

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