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How to Vacation Your Way to a Better You

As our society begins to realize the importance of nutrition, fitness & overall wellness for a long & happy life, many people are looking to fine-tune these aspects. There are countless reasons why a luxury vacation can be good for you, but did you know that a getaway can actually help in these health-related endeavors? Taking a vacation away from your daily stressors, temptations & habits can help to reset your mind & achieve your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

Here are some tips for taking a trip that's good for both your body & mind:

1. Get fit Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't stay active. In fact, some five star resorts offer a bevy of activities in addition to a traditional gym that can be a lot more thrilling than the workouts you're used to. Whether you're stuck in a fitness rut or you just want to try out a new watersport, a vacation is the perfect time to get in shape. Who knows? You might even find a new activity you can stick with back home as part of your exercise regimen.

2. Give back Volunteering can do wonders for your well-being. By helping those less fortunate, you can boost your sense of personal fulfillment & truly bring meaning to your life. In fact, the Wellness Tourism Worldwide's report on the "Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2014" noted that many travelers are searching for ways to connect with local communities on vacation. Beach Bum CARES is one organization that enables vacationers to gain a unique perspective while positively impacting the lives of those in need.

3. Jumpstart your diet Many people associate vacationing with indulging, but you can also use this time to pick up a few healthy eating habits. Look for resorts that offer a wide variety of culinary options so you can ensure you have a well-rounded approach to eating. Also, be sure to take advantage of the fresh fruits & vegetables that are available to you at your destination – they may offer nutrients that your produce at home doesn't.

4. Restore calm Since feeling good about your appearance is part of well-being, you could consider a resort with an on-site spa. After getting an oceanside massage, body wrap or treatment, your mindset, muscles & even your skin will benefit. Additionally, some resorts offer yoga & meditation classes to help you regain a sense of serenity. These kinds of services are invaluable if you have an especially stressful job, because not only will you unwind on your trip, but you can take those tactics home with you to maintain mental balance & better manage tension.

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