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How to Heal a Broken Heart on Your Luxury Vacation

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Coping with a breakup is never easy – you're dealing with a rush of complicated feelings that can make you feel lost, confused & generally defeated. That's why it's a perfect time to consider luxury travel. What better way to celebrate your independence than with a trip that's all about you? Exploring a new place not only keeps your mind occupied & distracts you from any negative emotions, but also gives you a chance to discover new things about yourself.

It's all in timing While it might be tempting to escape reality & immediately jet off to the Caribbean, relationship therapist & author of "The Breakup Bible" Rachel Sussman told MSN News that it's best to wait. When your heart is broken, you need time to recover or you won't be able to enjoy the trip to its fullest. There's no set time frame for when is appropriate to leave, but you want to be in a stable emotional place so that you're open to the new experiences a luxury vacation has to offer. You'll be more likely to let loose & take risks, meaning you'll come back even more rejuvenated & ready to start a fresh phase of your life.

A rehabilitation destination It's crucial to choose the right location when you're planning a post-breakup getaway. According to Travel + Leisure, Mexico is an ideal spot if you're just looking to relax on a low-key long weekend with friends. The laid-back vibe of Tulum has plenty of activities to keep you busy, & a rich nightlife if you're ready to be back on the prowl.

One of the best ways to build up confidence after a relationship ends is by getting in shape, & Travel + Leisure pointed to Hawaii as a perfect place to stay active & have fun doing it. From sunrise surfing lessons to mid-afternoon yoga & sunset kayaking, you'll be able to enhance your strength, balance & coordination for not only a hot body but also a clear mind. As an added bonus, there'll be no more sleepless nights tossing & turning about your ex, as these activities are bound to wear you out.

Heal through helping Instead of wallowing in your own sadness, take your mind off things by giving back to those in need. CNN explained that volunteering will not only relieve depression, but also end any self-pitying that you're stuck in. Beach Bum CARES offers a variety of opportunities for delivering supplies & other aid to impoverished communities while you're on a getaway to the Bahamas, Jamaica or Antigua, among other locations. By witnessing the plight of those less fortunate, you'll gain some perspective on your own problems.

Treat yourself Now is the time to splurge, CNN said, as a breakup vacation means you don't have to worry about anyone else. You won't feel guilty indulging yourself at all inclusive resorts since most of the eats & entertainment come at no extra charge. You also might want to consider a resort with an on-site spa for some much-needed self-care. Pamper yourself with a pedicure, a deep tissue massage or a lavish body scrub, & you'll feel like a whole new person. What's more – you'll reinforce the idea that you're worth those luxuries, which is an important sentiment to grasp after a relationship ends. 

Grieving the loss of a lover is a process – but you might as well go through it while you're basking in the sunshine, exploring nature's wonders, embarking on athletic adventures & giving back to underprivileged communities. When you return, you'll have an improved outlook & sense of self, meaning you're in a better place for your next relationship.

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