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Have a Cozy Wedding in Jamaica

Destination weddings culminate in that picture-perfect scene of a couple standing by the ocean on the beach with the sun setting behind them. However, many of the tropical destinations couples choose tend to be filled with tourists, making it quite difficult to recreate that perfect image from many soon-to-be-married couples' minds.

Sometimes future newlyweds opt for staying close to 5 star resorts to make use of their private beaches as a way of maintaining that sense of intimacy that can be easily lost when a random stranger walks by in the background, shifting the texture of sand just enough to tarnish memories.

However, travelers don't have to worry about any unexpected interlopers ruining island weddings in Jamaica, because one of the most popular areas on the island is also a go-to spot for tourists looking for that perfect wedding setting.

Cornwall Beach is located on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay & the beautiful scenery rivals any other destination in the Caribbean, according to USA Today. With perfect waves cascading across the sand & a mixture of colors in every sunset that look like a mural in the sky, the feature that sets it apart from other beachfront locations is the fact that the entire beach can be rented for the occasion.

Wedding consultants on-site help in the logistics of planning the magnificent evening, preparing flowers, cake, music & even marriage licenses, the source added.

Cornwall Beach's unique position in the heart of a tourist area gives wedding guests plenty of options for entertainment before & after the ceremony as well, reported Island Buzz Jamaica. A variety of restaurants, clubs & shops help round out the destination wedding experience by giving visitors a taste of the local culture vacationers from all over come to experience.

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