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Get Up, Stand Up & Visit Jamaica’s Bob Marley Museum

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Along with its sunny beaches & flavorful cuisine, Jamaica is best known for its reggae music. The island has been a hub of tropical rhythms for centuries, & was even the birthplace of one of the most celebrated reggae artists of all time: Bob Marley. If you want to dive into Jamaica's rich musical history on your next Beach Bum Vacation (& jam to some reggae), make sure you add a trip to the Bob Marley Museum to your luxury travel itinerary.

The museum consists of a wooden house, where Marley once lived & recorded songs that would change the music world forever. Although some parts of the house have been updated to function as a museum, much of it remains as Marley left it, allowing you to get a unique glimpse into the artist's life.

On a one-hour tour, you'll be guided through the museum, stopping to check out items like Marley's Rastafarian cloaks, gold & platinum records, & a favorite denim stage shirt. You'll also be guided to a room where Marley once survived an assassination attempt, as well as the superstar's former bedroom, where his guitar still sits by the bed.

Craving more reggae beats in Jamaica? Head to the nearby Tuff Gong Recording Studios in downtown Kingston. The studio was originally founded by Marley & continues to produce records today. Stop by for a 45-minute tour of the facility, but make sure you call ahead to ensure the studio is not in use. 

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