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Exploring the Bahamas in a Mail Boat

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The next time you go on luxury travel in the Bahamas, consider a different way to explore the over 700 islands littered across the Caribbean Sea. There is so much to do on adult vacations to resorts in a tropical paradise that sometimes travelers don't even have to leave the hotel to enjoy their trip. However, beyond the hotel & past the beaches, bars, clubs & restaurants, there is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Each of the islands in the chain represent its own adventure & the mail boats that deliver goods to them offers a chance for travelers to see every one of them.

The fleet of mail boats Some of the islands are too tiny for airports & with small populations, so a unique method of getting to them has emerged over the years. Privately-owned mail boats are contracted by the government to deliver supplies & passengers to the scattered islands, reported CNN.

Ship captains will typically accept whoever wants a ride for a low price, giving you the chance for your own tropical adventure. Tourists can island jump throughout their whole vacation to witness the diverse beauty of the Bahamas while getting away from the busy tourist scenes.

Mail boats have been delivering key supplies to the islands for years & are often met at the docks by locals who are excited to see what the ships have brought. Now they also bring passengers looking to witness the true character of the Bahamas in a cost-effective voyage that takes you all over to experience the genuine local culture of the Caribbean.

The benefits of the trip While out at sea & on the islands away from busier cities, travelers can look up at night & see thousands of stars stretching across the sky. On the voyage you'll see all kinds of unique sights as you pass islands owned by celebrities or expensive private luxury villa rentals. Anyone looking for some quiet & solitude can find it out at sea & on islands, some with only 73 people on it, reported the source.

Tourists that take a chance with this type of trip will create memories not obtainable anywhere else. Instead of laying on the beach during vacation, go out & actively see the world. Explore every nook & cranny of it, one small island at a time. See what it means to live so isolated from the rest of the world & experience the beauty of such a view.

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