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Explore St. Lucia’s Underwater Beauty at Anse Chastanet

If you want to cool down on all inclusive trips to the Caribbean (& see some stunning underwater scenery at the same time), there is perhaps no better place to do so than St. Lucia's Anse Chastanet beach. Many travel experts say this is the best place to snorkel & scuba dive on St. Lucia, as the waters here are protected by the Anse Chastanet Marine Reserve and just teeming with fascinating wildlife.

Under the sea The reefs in this area are easily accessible from the beach, & the waters are generally pretty calm, making this the ideal spot for new divers & snorkelers. Among the rows of brightly colored coral & sponges, you'll be able to see goatfish, parrotfish, chromis & wrasse darting by, filling the reef with a multicolored wave of activity. In fact, more than 150 different types of fish call this reef home, making it ideal for both day & night dives.

Sport Diver states that the best diving at Anse Chastanet seems to be around the 50 to 60 feet mark, where divers will encounter schools of tropical fish, moray eels & a variety of crustaceans.

At your fingertips If you stay at the Anse Chastanet resort, all of these amazing scuba diving opportunities will be easily available to you, whether you're a new or experienced diver. Scuba St. Lucia is located at the south end of Anse Chastanet beach, & is more than willing to make the dive experience as simple & relaxing as possible.

For newbies, Scuba St. Lucia offers an introductory dive course almost every day, where you can learn to scuba dive in a relaxed & supportive environment. Once you've got the basics down you can head out to the Caribbean Sea on one of Scuba St. Lucia's three dive boats, which will take you directly to the reef.

Of course, whether you're a new diver or a scuba expert, you'll want to capture your time diving in St. Lucia on film. Scuba St. Lucia allows clients to rent digital underwater cameras. However, if you want to brush up your seaside photo techniques before descending into the Caribbean Sea, you can take a class like Underwater Videographer or Underwater Photographer at your leisure. This way, you'll be sure to remember your Beach Bum Vacation in the Caribbean for years (& have amazing photos to make your friends seriously jealous).

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