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Explore St. Lucia on the Tet Paul Nature Trail

All inclusive trips to the Caribbean are often filled with spectacular views of a great diversity. If you're heading to St. Lucia for some luxury travel, match the elegance of your stay with equally beautiful scenery. The Tet Paul Nature Trail will take you through the southern portion of the island & past sites of nature, culture & history. This upward hike takes approximately 45 minutes to finish & is easy enough for anyone to enjoy, reported to The Soufriere Foundation.

Locals guide you the entire way as they point out facts about everything you pass, such as herbs that can be used for medicine or fruit trees bearing fresh avocado & guava. Gorgeous mountains surround you & on clear days, you can see other islands off in the distance. A little closer, the lush forests below you will make way for views of the entire bottom half of the island where you can see as far as Vieux Fort, according to the trail's official website. Picnic areas are available for chances where you can stop & rest while enjoying an energizing snack that prepares you for what's to come when you reach the top.

The upward journey gives hikers a glimpse into the life of the locals long ago. Among some of the attractions you'll pass is the Cassava House, where you'll get to observe how natives used to root as a staple of their diet & even get to partake in some of their methods of production. Along the way you'll see what a traditional house used to look like years ago as one of the preserved dwellings is maintained by the locals to show visitors what life on the island once was like.

The Tet Paul Nature Trail is an excellent way to easily see a large part of not just St. Lucia's beauty, but the culture that has developed throughout its history.

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