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Experience Some Unique Hawaiian Magic

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Family vacations to Hawaii are a great way to bond in front of a beautiful backdrop. With the beaches & volcanoes, the nature around you can provide many attractions to keep you busy during your luxury travel, but sometimes after relaxing in the sand & sun all day tourists need to let loose. One great way to do that in Hawaii is by seeing Kona Kozy's Comedy & Magic Show.

Kona Kozy is recognized around the globe for his performances, which  have earned him the title of International Comedy Magician of the Decade by the International Magicians Society, according to the show's official website. In addition to his other awards for feats like sleight of hand, Kona Kozy puts on hysterical shows for people of any age group.

This comedian & magician will dazzle you with acts involving forbidden tiki magic & voodoo comedy, all while incorporating the four powerful elements of earth, wind, fire & water. Audience members can enjoy the show while dining on a fabulous dinner or sipping on tropical cocktails with the magnificent Hawaiian waves crashing around them.

Kona Kozy has performed all around the world in venues ranging from massive stages & casinos to simple street shows. He has even won "The Merlin" award, which is what people in the magic industry consider to be their Oscar, for his performances, according to Hawaii Activities.

The next time you're in Hawaii on a night when you're ready to laugh, check out Kona Kozy's show for an evening of side-clenching mania. It's the perfect experience to round out your vacation of fun & leisure in a way that will put a smile on the face of everyone in your party. This comedy & magic show will add to the mystery & wonder of your vacation while ensuring that every time someone thinks of this getaway, a smile will immediately cross their face.

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