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Enhance Your Child’s Career Possibilities Through Beach Bum CARES

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

In today's competitive job market, high school & college grads are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves to hiring managers & recruiters. Did you know that volunteering on a luxury vacation could actually help your kid's odds at piquing the interest of an HR professional & ultimately, getting a job? While high academic grades & solid standardized test scores are undoubtedly important, there are many other factors that companies look at to understand a person's character, work ethic & values. By taking advantage of volunteering opportunities through Beach Bum CARES on your next family vacation, you can offer adolescents & teens a meaningful experience while also ensuring they're more appealing to hiring managers.

A new Deloitte survey found that an overwhelming 81 percent of hiring managers take volunteering experience into account when evaluating a potential employee. Furthermore, 81 percent believed that this experience made a college graduate more desirable, while another 76 percent said the same about a job candidate. According to Wendy Spencer, CEO of the Corporation for National & Community Service, one of the main reasons that volunteering may make an individual stand out is that it demonstrates the leadership qualities that employers are looking for.

"It is clear that the skills & experience gained through volunteering offer a competitive edge," said Evan Hochberg, national director of community engagement for Deloitte.

When your kids volunteer with Beach Bum CARES, they're not only boosting their own chances of getting a job, but also doing the same for others. So while you're enjoying some fun in the sun on your trip to Mexico, Antigua, Jamaica, the Bahamas or even the Dominican Republic, take some time to deliver educational supplies & other items to the children who need it most. In doing so, your kids can improve their own shot at success while also increasing the likelihood that less fortunate kids in these communities graduate from school.

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