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Elbow Cay Provides a Calm Atmosphere for Surfing

For the thrill seekers on luxury travel to the Bahamas who want to steer away from the large crowds that gather around 5 star resorts & other popular tourist destinations, there's an island on the edge of the archipelago that blends excitement with the atmosphere of a small town.

At only 6 miles long, Elbow Cay isn't the most grand of the Bahamian islands & with a population of around 400, it may seem like a forgotten place, according to Coastal Living.

However, its position in the Caribbean Sea allows surfers to benefit from some of the best waves in the region thanks to the weather systems that move off of the United States' east coast, reported The Surfing Site. With warm temperatures all year long, the strong waves steadily affect the northern beaches of Elbow Cay so travelers don't have to worry too much about choosing the most opportune time to visit.

Elbow Cay is located conveniently close to the U.S. at less than 70 miles away from the mainland, making it an ideal destination for American surfers looking for a tropical experience, the source stated.

The small island is a great place for the people who want a more calming environment to relax in. The largest settlement is Hope Town, which is a unique mixture of a Caribbean setting & the allure of New England, asserted Coastal Living. Whether it's the pastel-shaded homes or the large striped lighthouse the prominently marks the skyline, tourists won't have much to concern themselves with other than whatever they want. Most of the residents on the island walk & bike everywhere, and visitors will have to do the same, because cars are prohibited on Elbow Cay.

There are plenty of excellent surfing opportunities right near Hope Town, so tourists don't have to travel far to catch some waves, according to USA Today. Elbow Cay is right next to many popular areas & provides a different kind of charm for those who wish to get away from the typical Caribbean craze.

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