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Designing a Menu for a Destination Wedding

At the core of any wedding is, of course, romance & excitement – but the menu is also a major component. Not only does the food you serve have an impact on the overall experience, but it can provide the perfect way to highlight the local culture for destination weddings. Considering the fact that you'll be saying "I do" in an exotic destination, it definitely won't do to resort to a traditional reception menu. You'll need to think outside the box to make your menu truly memorable for both you & your guests.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Island inspiration It makes sense to emphasize fresh fish when designing the menus for island weddings. Jerk scallop skewers are a super easy appetizer idea that's fitting for a Jamaican wedding. Coconut shrimp, which is a classic favorite, is also a great finger food option for a Caribbean wedding. Remember that it's the little things that count, so sides are a great way to incorporate local flavor as well. Tostones – or fried plantains – are a sweet staple in the Dominican Republic that pair well with spicy meats. If you're planning a wedding in Negril, consider bacon-wrapped plantains or conch fritters. Of course, a selection of Caribbean chutneys are a delicious touch to your hors d'oeuvres display.

Go buffet style Food bars that let guests make their own plates are a great idea for many reasons. This strategy allows them to sample a lot of different exotic flavors & also lends the affair a more casual vibe, which is perfectly appropriate for beach weddings. Planning to tie the knot in Mexico? A guacamole bar that lets guests customize their dip with extras like candied jalapenos, sliced cucumber or fresh-squeezed lime will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. What about for a wedding in Hawaii? A sashimi bar is sure to be hit for an event on these islands.

Tropical sweets One of the best ways to build an innovative destination wedding menu is to incorporate fresh local fruits into your dessert. For example, a passionfruit cake is a lot more interesting than your typical vanilla or chocolate confection, & it gives guests a taste of the islands. You don't even have to stick with the traditional wedding cake when it comes to the dessert. Coconut macaroons are a delicious option for a Caribbean wedding, & Mexican wedding cookies are another time-honored favorite that your attendees are sure to enjoy. The possibilities are endless, so why not get creative & serve up fresh mini churros for each guest with a trio of Mexican chocolate, dulce de leche & cinnamon dipping sauces?

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