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Best Buys in Riviera Maya

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

There's no doubt that if you take a trip to Riviera Maya, you'll want a little something to commemorate your stay. Whether you're a foodie, fashion maven or an art buff, the stores here sell a range of unique souvenirs that are sure to provide a fun reminder of your luxury vacation. In fact, with such a wide variety of stores, you may end up shopping until you drop.

These are some of the highlights worthy of opening your wallet:

Ah Cacao Chocoholics will rejoice at this confectionery heaven, which sells everything from brownies & chocolate shots to body bars & shampoos infused with cacao. Just don't be surprised by the rich, complex taste of this Mayan criollo chocolate – with between 70 & 90 percent cacao, it might taste a tad more bitter than you're used to. This store also sells high-altitude Mexican coffee for those that can't resist a quality cup of java in the morning. You can feel good about buying from Ah Cacao, too: All of the products here are made with ingredients derived from local plantations, & the store is also dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation.

Casa Tequila If tequila is your poison of choice, this place is your Eden. This shop, which is set right on bustling 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, has an extensive array of brands & types, so it'll be hard to bring home just one. More importantly, their staff is knowledgeable & eager to share everything you ever wanted to know about what you're sipping. If you're having trouble picking one out, they'll even let you taste the products to test them out. When the mariachi bands roll around to play classic Mexican songs, you may end up staying for a while to sample. USA Today recommended snagging a bottle of Xtabentún, which is a Maya liquor infused with honey. 

Colectivo de Artesanos de Puerto Morelos ​You could spend an entire afternoon wandering this artists' cooperative, where local artisans gather to sell anything from handmade garments to hammocks until sundown. The best part? BlackBook magazine noted that vendors here are content to let you browse instead of pushing you to purchase. Plus you can watch the artists in the process of making their goods, as many will be fashioning jewelry or embroidering clothes right on the spot. Looking for a new piece of décor? The carvings & paintings here make a perfect addition to any home. 

Insider's tip: While you'll surely see a lot of unique items, some may start to look strikingly similar. USA Today suggested snapping photos of pieces you like & looking around before making a decision so that you get the best deal.

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