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Animals to See While in Costa Rica

For avid animal lovers, the Caribbean is a treasure trove of exotic diversity & beauty. In the wilderness away from the 5 star resorts lies a range of animals both deadly & adorable that those with an interest in wildlife are sure to crave. In order to see some of the most remarkable creatures, tourists may have to travel way off the beaten path in some cases or dive below the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Anyone who does embark on an adventure into the wilderness will be rewarded with sights & sounds not found anywhere else. A trip through the jungles, swamps & mountains of the region can make for quite the experience. Adult vacations in search of some of the rarest & oddest animals can span however far the eager traveler is willing to go.

Costa Rica's wildlife of legends Costa Rica has one of the most diverse ecosystems in not just the Caribbean, but the world, according to Fox News. From primates, felines & birds to reptiles, frogs & insects, the range of wildlife is astounding. Coupled with the amount of national parks & bio-reserves, Costa Rica provides a unique opportunity for vacationers to hit the trail with a pair of binoculars & insect spray in search of creatures that could be straight from a fantasy story.

Some of the animals are as close to myths as you can get & may have even inspired a few of them, such as the legendary vampire bats. In truth they were actually named after the myth instead of the other way around, according to USA Today. Spanish Conquistadores were reportedly attacked by the creatures when they arrived in Central America many years ago & feared them. Although the Aztecs simply called them a name that translates to butterfly mouse.

These winged mammals are only found on the mainland of Costa Rica, so adventurers on the islands off the coast are out of luck if they wish to catch a glimpse of them flying around at dusk, stated the source.

An unparalleled biodiversity Besides the soaring creatures of the night, there are a load of other animals tourists might be interested in trying to discover. Some of the wildlife hidden in the forests are perfect representations of the adaptability of the ecosystem like the strawberry poison dart frog.

This amphibian might be a bit tricky to find thanks to its size. Yet depending on the mood you catch it in, it could be an easy-to-spot bright red as the name suggests or a camouflaging green, reported Fox News. Not only does it have the ability to change color, but it uses resources naturally found in the jungle to create a poison for defense against predators.

Any vacationing explorer who spots one of these frogs would be wise to admire from a short distance. However, it's interesting to note that domesticated frogs are completely venom-free thanks to the diet they eat while in captivity.

An easier animal to find, if it just so happens to be near the ground, are the strange three-toed sloths. These sloths live their lives on a whole different schedule compared to humans. They typically sleep anywhere from 16-18 hours a day high up in the trees, but if tourists are lucky enough to see them on one of their trips to the ground, they're sure to have plenty of time to watch, according to the source.

A wide array of other animals lurk & move at all times of day, so there's something to see no matter when you explore. Whether it's jungle cats such as the ocelot that are twice the size of a house pet, but only active at night or the golden orb weaver spider hanging in the trees with webs strong enough to catch birds, every corner of the ecosystem has something to see. The list goes on & on, but a trip to Costa Rica is sure to be filled with animals not common to where you're from.

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