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4 Reasons to Take a Honeymoon in Hawaii

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A honeymoon isn't just another luxury vacation – it's an incredibly important time to set the tone for a successful marriage. So it's crucial to choose the right location to ensure the trip is as relaxing & romantic as possible. While every couple is different, the inherent beauty & wide variety of activities in Hawaii makes it an ideal destination. If you & your fiancée are still undecided on where to go for your honeymoon, consider these factors & you may be saying "Aloha" as soon as you tie the knot:

Picture perfect romance It goes without saying that the Hawaii makes for a stunning backdrop that's hard to beat. Between the breezy palm trees, pristine beaches & vivid sunsets, you couldn't ask for a more romantic environment. By day you'll be basking on the soft sand & by night you'll be wining & dining under the stars. Plus, between the warm balmy climate & intoxicating floral aromas, the air is saturated with natural aphrodisiacs. Such a sensual environment is essentially made for your first solo getaway together. It's no wonder two of the islands made U.S. News & World Report's top five honeymoon destinations

The best of both worlds Are you looking to kick back poolside? Or are you a thrill-seeking couple that enjoys intense activities? A honeymoon in Hawaii is whatever you make it – so either way, you can have your dream getaway. Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world, meaning it's a perfect spot if you're both in need of some relaxation after planning a wedding. Look for 5 star hotels in Hawaii with an on-site spa, so you can enjoy an oceanside couple's massage. With a cool island breeze & the waves crashing in the distance, all of your stress will melt away. If you're looking for more action, you could also opt for a resort that features scuba diving lessons & excursions, among other adventures. Couples that plan to do a lot of sightseeing have a multitude of memorable places to visit here as well. From the Volcanoes National Park to the Waimea Canyon, you'll have plenty of photo ops.

Low stress Regardless of your personalities, tastes & preferences, a honeymoon should be about one core thing: happiness. Look no further than Hawaii, as the Gallup Well-Being Index revealed that people in this state are the least likely to feel stressed on any given day. Not only do they report low levels of tension, but they also have the highest levels of enjoyment. In fact, nearly 90 percent of residents admitted they had fun the day before Gallup's survey. The odds are your time here will be pleasurable & free of stress – & there's no better way to begin a new marriage than with a smile.

Bonding & intimacy Your honeymoon presents an excellent opportunity to get even closer to each other, & there's no better place to do just that than Hawaii. According to The Huffington Post, psychology professor Arthur Aron asserts that challenging & stimulating activities such as water skiing, hiking & surfing can strengthen a bond like nothing else. This is because an adrenaline rush triggers a lot of the same feelings that can heighten attraction & arousal. The source noted that the natural sense of togetherness in Hawaii encourages you to really focus on intimacy. Additionally, there are plenty of resorts that foster a certain level of privacy, which might be just what you need. Look for a hotel that has personal plunge pools & private oceanfront verandas.

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