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Your Caribbean Vacation Packing Checklist

Packing for a luxury vacation in the Caribbean should be exciting, not stressful. Still, it's not always easy to figure out what will be essential in a tropical climate. While you want to feel prepared, over-packing can be a nuisance. With the perfect suitcase, though, you're more likely to relax & enjoy your getaway.

Before you head off to paradise, here's what you should put in your luggage:

Apparel & accessories The average temperature in the Caribbean is 82 degrees. For everyday activities, guys will want to bring a range of polos & shorts, & women should opt for tanks, loose blouses, a few pairs of shorts & sundresses. The air on an island tends to be humid, so in terms of fabric, keep in mind that lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton & linen are better because they wick moisture instead of trapping it in.

You'll likely want to go out for a nice dinner, so be sure to bring at least one dressier outfit as well that you can sport at a swanky restaurant or bar. Since it tends to cool down at night, ladies might want to bring along a cardigan & guys might consider a light blazer.

Of course, don't forget a swimsuit or two & a cover-up for your beach lounging. It can be helpful to bring a rain jacket for those unexpected passing tropical storms.

Sure, your flip-flops are fine for hanging around the resort & strolling on the sand, but you'll need more comfortable shoes for your sightseeing & exploring.

A pair of sunglasses is a must, & you may want to consider bringing a hat to shade your face as well.

Toiletries & extras Your resort will likely have shampoo, soap, conditioner & other basic essentials. However, you should definitely bring along some sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection to safeguard your skin from the strong rays in the Caribbean. Don't forget to look for a moisturizing lip balm that has SPF as well. 

Remember to pack a camera & charger, as you'll definitely have countless photo ops against the stunning Caribbean backdrop. You might even want to bring along an underwater camera to catch some fun shots of your family or even the tropical fish.

It sounds silly to bring a bag within your bag, but it can be helpful to have a backpack for any tours you take, & a separate beach tote as well. If you plan to do some serious shopping, stuff a soft duffel in your suitcase to pack all your souvenirs in on the way back.

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