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Top 5 Tips for an Affordable Destination Wedding

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Top 5 Tips for an Affordable Destination Wedding

Just a friendly reminder, you can have the wedding of your dreams while staying within your budget. No couple wants to start their new life chapter in mega debt, so listen here for a few quick tips on how not to break the bank while planning your destination wedding!

Tip # 1: Pick the Right Location

Location is everything. Opting for a destination wedding in places like Mexico, Jamaica, or Hawaii ensures a great celebration without breaking the bank. Not only are these locations more affordable, but they’re in close proximity to the United States. The reduced travel costs make it easier for the couple and their guests to attend the wedding festivities. The rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and laid-back charm of these destinations is also a big win!

Tip # 2: Combined Honeymoon

This might be our favorite pro-tip from this list. Instead of spending thousands of extra dollars, opt for a destination that seamlessly blends your wedding and honeymoon experience. Take Mexico, for instance – with a variety of resorts to choose from, you can exchange vows in one beautiful spot and then travel a short distance to another destination for your honeymoon.

View from the back of a destination wedding with the bride and groom faceing the ocean and an floral arch as the alter

Tip # 3: The More, The Merrier

Destination weddings are actually more affordable than your traditional wedding and the story gets even better from here! In fact, when you can get more people invited to your wedding, the better off everyones’ budget is in the long run. When you can share the cost across more people, room blocks are cheaper per person, and can even save the couple getting married even more. You should also know that on average, couples who opt for a destination wedding save $40,000 by not having a wedding in the USA. So invite those long lost friends and extended family members, your budget will thank you later.

Tip # 4: Timing

If you want to avoid some extra costs, consider planning your destination wedding away from peak season. While destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean might align their off-peak periods with hurricane season, planning your special day just before or after (a week or two) can lead to significant savings for your destination wedding.

Three images in a row with destination wedding setups showing the reception area with a table with darker colors, a table setting with greens on the table and a destination wedding ceremony setup on the beach with a circular floral arch

Tip # 5: Go All-Inclusive 

If you’re trying to make things simple and low-key for your people, all-inclusive is the way to go. When you choose an all-inclusive resort for your destination wedding, your guests only have to worry about one price, one budget, and one destination…not the burden of lots of random expenses. With everything from food, accommodations, and activities included, your guests can focus on making memories and having a great time with you, not on how much they’re spending. Trust us, all-inclusive is a great experience for everyone!

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