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Top 4 Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

It goes without saying that family vacations can be a fun opportunity for everyone to escape their responsibilities at home & just enjoy being with one another. But did you know that these trips may actually be important for a well-functioning family as well? Time away from a job, school & other obligations in a totally different environment presents endless opportunities for getting to know one another in a new way & potentially even further appreciating each other's qualities. If you're considering luxury travel with the kids, whether to the Bahamas or Bora Bora, these are just a few of the benefits you'll reap:

Lower tech dependency In today's world, kids are so glued to their gadgets that it can be difficult to get any one-on-one time with them. In fact, it might often feel like they're not listening to you because they're so distracted with texting, gaming & a range of other activities. A family vacation is the perfect time to unplug from those devices & spend more time together. A recent survey by Liberty Travel actually found that 58 percent of people admit their kids are less dependent on their gaming systems, tablets & other electronics on vacation than when they're home. In fact, only 1 percent of respondents said their kids were attached to a technology throughout the whole trip. Who knows? By the time you return home, you might find they're less immersed in their virtual world.

Better communication Conversation is a habit – once the lines of communication are open, kids are far more likely to share things with you. Still, it can be difficult to get teens & kids to open up, especially when they're glued to their smartphone & you barely have the time to ask them a question or listen to what they have to say. Liberty Travel's survey determined that more than half of the people who take a family vacation talk more frequently on their trip, with only 2 percent talking less than they would at home. What's more – a memorable family vacation means you'll have plenty to discuss far after the trip is over.

More time together Between your hectic career & your kids' school & extracurricular schedule, there's often very little time to actually engage & stay updated on each other's lives. The most you might see each other is the car ride from school to singing lessons or watching TV between dinner & going to sleep. A Disney Time survey by Kelton revealed that while parents only eat an average of 10 meals every week with their kids at home, that number nearly doubles to 19 on a family vacation. Also, nearly 50 percent of parents admitted that only half of the time they spend with their children could be considered "quality time." While on vacation, on the other hand, respondents felt that 82 percent of their trip could be classified as such.

A stronger bond Why is quality time important? The majority of parents surveyed by Kelton said this kind of time together involves learning something they didn't know about their children (91 percent) or vice versa (84 percent), whether it's a favorite food or a new hobby. Getting insight into these important details of your kids' lives is the key to stronger relationships. Additionally, 97 percent of parents claim that kids got to see a new side of them, too, by learning more about their childhoods or details about other family members.

Whether for four days or 10, your time spent on a vacation is bound to change the family dynamic for the better.

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