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Tips for a Truly Relaxing Beach Bum Vacation

A luxury vacation with multiple couples presents a unique scenario: One that could bring you closer to your significant other as well as your friends at the same time. Surely, a getaway to Cancun or the Caribbean is bound to provide plenty of memories & bonding opportunities, but there are also some potential hiccups that could make things go awry. With more people on the trip, there's a potential for conflicting interests & personalities to make the experience more stressful than it should be. Instead of worrying about how to accommodate everyone's desires on your couples getaway, just make sure you plan ahead.

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth trip that everyone enjoys:

Where to stay? Once you've decided on a destination, your next step is figuring out which resort to stay at. While you certainly don't have to book a reservation at the same one, it does make things a lot easier. After all, you may want to meet up for a late brunch at the resort & bask on the same beach together. An all inclusive resort is always a good option because when you eliminate a lot of the guesswork out of your budgeting, each couple will feel a lot less stressed about expenses. Make sure that you take everyone's budget into account when choosing a resort so that no one ends up resenting the fact that they emptied their bank account. Everyone should make a list of their priorities for accommodations – such as an oceanfront view, an on-site spa or 24-hour room service – & then try to meet each couples' top wishes.

What to do? Hopefully, there will be some overlap in what activities each couple wants to do, but there also may be some differences. The important thing to remember on a couples trip is that you don't all have to do everything together. Maybe the girls want to do a shopping trip into town, but the guys are more interested in some afternoon golfing at the resort's course. In that case, the men & women can go their separate ways & then meet up that evening for a gourmet dinner. Or, one couple might be dying to take scuba lessons while another would rather lounge on the beach. That's OK, too – you can always reconvene for a little bar-hopping & exploring the local nightlife together later on.

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