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Makeup Tips for a Destination Wedding

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Whether it's in Tahiti or Turks & Caicos, on the day of your destination wedding, you want to look positively radiant. Of course, with a stunning backdrop, a balmy beach breeze & an island-ready gown, you're bound to be a beautiful bride. Still, your makeup is a key part of your appearance as you walk down the aisle. You're going to face different conditions in an exotic locale, which means you'll need to take those factors into account when you're designing the perfect beauty routine for your big day.

Here are some tips for a long-lasting, luminous look:

Flawless face First of all, it's crucial to protect your skin against any UV rays, particularly if you're having an outdoor ceremony. It's best to apply your SPF about 30 minutes before you put on any of your makeup so your skin has time to soak it up.

Next, primer will be your secret weapon for ensuring that your makeup is melt-proof, even in the face of heat, humidity & other tropical conditions. Smooth a foundation primer all over your face, but also to your eyelids to ensure your eyeshadow stays put & doesn't crease.

There's no need for a heavy foundation on your big day. You're better off with a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder, both of which offer lightweight coverage that will never look caked-on. Avoid any products that have shimmer, as the light-reflecting particles can translate poorly in photographs. Of course, finish with a dusting of translucent powder all over to lock in your look. 

"Eye do" Softly defined eyes are ideal for a daytime destination wedding. Start with a pale neutral shade, like pearl, champagne or peach, all over your lids, to brighten up your eye area. Then dust a layer of a slightly deeper medium shade, such as slate or taupe, into the crease of your lids to add some depth. Dab a touch of highlighter along your browbone for instant eye-opening lift.

A waterproof eyeliner & mascara are obviously essential for making sure your makeup doesn't run or smudge, even despite a few tears. Instead of black eyeliner, which can look harsh in bright sunlight, opt for an espresso or charcoal water-resistant eye pencil or gel liner. These hues will still give you definition but look far more natural

Perfect pout In the days before your wedding, make sure to exfoliate & continually apply a moisturizing lip balm. This will keep your pout soft & keep any cracks at bay. Then reach for a heat-proof stain in a hue that's just one or two shades deeper than your natural lip color. As an added bonus, this product can double as your blush.

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