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Improve Your Health by Volunteering with Beach Bum CARES

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Undoubtedly, there are a multitude of health-boosting advantages that come from relaxing on luxury vacations. But by volunteering on your next trip through Beach Bum CARES, you have the opportunity to experience an even more enriching vacation while further improving your body & mind.

A 2011 study published by the American Psychological Association (APA) determined that volunteering can not only lead to a healthier life, but also a longer one. The APA study found evidence that if people have the right motives for volunteering, their efforts could actually increase their life span. Volunteers lived longer than non-volunteers, as long as altruistic values or a desire for social connections were the main reasons for doing so.

Carnegie Mellon researchers also determined that adults who volunteered at least 200 hours a year reduced their risk of high blood pressure by 40 percent. Rodlescia Sneed, a doctoral candidate & the study's lead author, explained that volunteer work is just one example of a positive lifestyle factor that can help people stay active & healthy while aging.

But it's not only adults who benefit from volunteering. According to a study in Jama Pediatrics, the health benefits that come from helping others are even significant in adolescents. Researchers found that high school students who volunteered & reported increases in empathy, altruistic behavior & mental health also sustained the greatest improvements in cardiovascular health.

On your next trip to the Caribbean, Mexico or another exotic locale, you can enjoy the life-changing impact of volunteering through Beach Bum CARES. By delivering goods to families that need it most, you'll help address a variety of needs that can affect both the parents' & children's quality of life. These initiatives can result in higher graduation & employment rates, thus boosting the community's economy.

While Beach Bum CARES has already sent thousands of dollars worth of educational supplies to schools around Mexico & the Caribbean, there's still work to be done. If you'd like to volunteer on your next luxury vacation, just contact Beach Bum CARES before your trip & we'll handle the rest.

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