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Ideas for Rainy Days on Your Island Vacation

Of course, when you take a luxury vacation to a tropical island, you're counting on taking advantage of the climate & the scenery by basking on the beach for a good portion of your trip. However, weather is unpredictable, & there's a chance that a tropical rainstorm could hit at any time. When the clouds roll in, don't let them ruin your getaway. There are plenty of ways to have fun on your trip regardless of whether the sun is out.

Here are some ideas for beating those rainy day blues & having a blast:

  1. Visit a museum – You probably don't want to spend an afternoon indoors when the sun is shining, so a gloomy day offers an ideal opportunity to get cultured on your vacation. Do some research to find a local history, art or science museum that piques your interest or ask your resort concierge for suggestions. Be sure to look into eateries in the area, too, so you can refuel with a delicious lunch & make a day out of it.

  2. Play some games – Some resorts have a casino on the grounds, but if yours doesn't, you can likely find one in the nearby area. Or, if you'd rather stay in the comfort of your own suite, simply stop at the hotel gift shop for a deck of cards or a board game. This is a great option for keeping kids occupied on a family vacation.

  3. Head to the spa – If you're lucky, your resort will have an on-site spa so that you can enjoy lavish treatments without even leaving the property. Regardless, a rainy day presents the perfect chance to indulge in a little pampering. Soothe sore muscles with a massage, or rejuvenate your skin with a body scrub or wrap. After all, a luxury getaway is all about relaxation, so there's no use stressing about the weather.

  4. Do some shopping – You'll need some souvenirs for yourself & your loved ones, so you might as well make the most of a rainy day & scope out the goods at some local shops.

  5. Hit the gym – It's unlikely that you'll want to use the resort exercise facilities on a gorgeous day. See if your hotel's gym offers any fun indoor classes, or just make use of the equipment to keep up with your own fitness routine. This way you'll have a beach-ready body when the sun comes back out.

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