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How to Book a Safe Spring Break

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

How to Book a Safe Spring Break

Make sure your spring escape is both fun and safe.

It’s a wonderful time of year and dare we say…better than Christmas! Of course, we’re talking about the time of year to plan spring break.☀️ It’s easy to know how to create and book a fun spring break, but our team knows that it’s also important to have a safe spring break. With top destinations filled to the brim with party goers and other spring breakers, you’ll want to make sure your trip is a safe one. So break out the notepad, we’ve got some tips for you. When you’re ready to get the wheels turning towards your ultimate spring break, just click here.

Tip #1: Match Your Destination to Your Travel Group

Some spring break destinations are WILD. For example, certain parts of Cancun and Jamaica are infamous for being party-friendly locations with lots of drinking and more adult-oriented activities. It’s important to consider who you’re traveling with and what preferences they might have. If it’s all adults taking off for a sunny experience, then places like Cancun are great to consider. But, if it’s a family vacation you may want to consider less party heavy destinations. Let’s face it, we don’t want little Timmy experiencing the party side of spring break quite yet, so it’s a safe bet to pick a calmer, more family-friendly destination.

Pro-Tip: Let us key you in about the destination you have in mind, to make sure the local culture and environment clicks with your travel group!

Tip #2: Private Transfer

Ah yes, the private transfer, one of our favorite ways to ensure a safe spring break (and really a safe vacation any & every time you travel). This means that you get a private escort from the airport directly to the resort or destination you have booked. This can be easily set up when you use our team to plan your spring break escape. When you choose a private transfer, you get to skip out on standing around unfamiliar places/countries, where it can be unsafe to appear as a ‘tourist.’ We highly recommend considering this to keep things a little safer during your travel.

Interested in setting up your very own private transfer? Get started here!

Pro-Tip: When traveling with a larger family or group, an upgrade to a limo is not too pricey- starting and ending your trip with a limo is the perfect upgrade to amp up the crew on travel day.

Tip #3: Staying in Resort

The resort or hotel you booked are typically the safest places to be when you travel to different countries. Unfortunately, we have to admit as well, a lot of countries have unique ways of scamming or taking advantage of tourists that do not know any better. That’s why our team highly suggests staying in the confines of your resort during your trip (unless you are a more experienced world traveler and have experience in foreign destinations). Simply staying on the property is one of the best ways to ensure there are no unintended experiences during your stay. When in doubt, don’t leave the resort grounds and activity areas.

Tip #4: Backup Plan

This is rare, but sometimes, due to various reasons ranging from political climate to seasonal storms like hurricanes, your destination is not accessible OR a personal barrier pops up and makes your vacation impossible. We know, it feels like a punch in the gut, but that’s why the last tip to a safer spring break is a strong backup plan! This can come in the form of a rain date to reschedule to or even a different destination so that you can still get away during the dates you desired. Trip insurance is another great way to save some of your budget and not totally lose out on everything you invested into your spring break. Opt to purchase ‘cancel for any reason insurance’ that includes in destination coverage. Your Beach Bum Vacation travel concierge will provide you with these easy & affordable details.

Leave Things to the Experts

Beach Bum Vacations takes pride in being your trusted agents to plan safe vacations and make sure you are equipped with everything you need for spring break or any other type of vacation.

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