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Have Some Fun in the Sun on Costa Rica’s Best Beaches

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

On your next Beach Bum Vacation to Costa Rica, you'll find there's plenty to do, from exploring the verdant tropical rainforests to indulging in rich Latin American culture. However, between your ziplining adventure in Monteverde & San Jose museum tour, make sure you schedule time to have some fun in the sun. Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in Central America, so slip off your shoes, flaunt that new bathing suit & be prepared to indulge in some truly stunning scenery.

Costa Rica has hundreds of beaches, but here are some of our favorites:

Manuel Antonio To soak in the natural splendor of Costa Rica (& work on your tan at the same time), don't pass up a trip to the beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast. Here, you can lounge on white sand beaches shaded by the green trees of the surrounding forest. From your spot on the sand, you might even be able to look up & see sloths lounging in the trees above or hear squirrel monkeys excitedly chatting to one another. When you've had enough of the sun, make sure you explore the various hiking trails that snake through the park.

Montezuma On the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, you'll find Montezuma, a small, sun-kissed beach town that tends to attract a trendy, bohemian crowd. Many travelers come to this area to see its stunning jungle waterfalls, but Montezuma also features miles of soft sand. Here, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be able to find your own private spot for lounging, sunbathing & taking advantage of this gorgeous town.

Playa Tamarindo Although Tamarindo was once a sleepy fishing town, it has quickly boomed into a laid-back tourist hotspot (partially due to its cameo in the movie Endless Summer II). The beaches in Tamarindo can be a bit crowded, but the area caters to tourists more than many other places in Costa Rica, meaning there will be plenty to do here once you're done with the sun. Also, if you're looking to ride some waves on your Beach Bum Vacation, this is one of the best places to do so, even if you're a beginner.

Malpais – Santa Teresa If you speak any Spanish, you'll know that "Malpais" translates to "bad lands." But don't let this dissuade you from visiting Malpais & its neighbor, Santa Teresa. Many tourists haven't discovered the wonders of this area yet, nor is it crowded with 5 star Costa Rica hotels, making it one of the best-kept secrets for sun gods & goddesses. At Malpais, you can find miles of untouched beach & escape to the privacy of your own stretch of sand. It's also a great place to surf if you're eager to catch a few waves.

Tortuguero One of the shimmering jewels on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast is Tortuguero, a remote town where all traveling is done by boat (that's right – no cars) & eco-diversity is king. The region is home to Tortuguero National Park, which features long stretches of unspoiled sand perfect for sunbathing & spotting some of Costa Rica's beautiful wildlife (notably, sea turtles). However, don't spend too much time in the sand – Tortuguero is also known for its mouthwatering Afro-Caribbean cuisine.

Corcovado Parque Nacional Corcovado is known as one of the most biologically rich rainforests on the planet, so if you're craving an immaculate, untouched beach on your next luxury travel escape, don't pass up a trip to this destination. However, while Corcovado is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, many travelers would not recommend the destination for family vacations. In some cases, the lack of bathroom facilities, amount of hiking needed to travel to certain parts of the park and hot tropical sun can be too much for children.

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