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Explore Aruba’s Coral Reefs on a Submarine Tour

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

As most Beach Bums know, Aruba has some spectacular scuba diving & snorkeling spots, offering you the chance to see colorful schools of fish & coral reefs bursting with life. However, if you're not ready to plunge into the depths of the Caribbean Sea just yet, don't worry! On your next luxury vacation to Aruba, you can explore the island's underwater beauty without even getting wet by taking a submarine tour.

Aruba's De Palm Tours offers an Atlantis submarine expedition, which picks travelers up in downtown Oranjestad. After taking a short transfer on a shuttle vessel, you'll arrive at the submarine. Plunging 130 feet below the surface, the submarine will give you an up-close look at some of Aruba's most fascinating aquatic life, including tropical fish, large sponges & vibrant coral reefs. You'll also have the chance to visit two shipwrecks, all from the comfort of the air-conditioned submarine. This tour is suitable for children who are at least 4 years old & 36 inches tall, meaning it could be the perfect addition to a family vacation in the Caribbean.

If you're traveling with younger children – or you're just not ready to explore such depths – check out De Palm Tours' Seaworld Explorer semi-submarine. This boat does not fully submerge in the water like the Atlantis, but by stepping down into the hull, you'll find an underwater observatory that allows you to see 5 feet below the surface. While on board, you'll get to see Aruba's Arashi Reef, which is bustling with parrotfish, sergeant majors, yellow snappers, blue tangs & angelfish.

Ready to plan a family vacation to Aruba? Our Certified Travel Concierges would be happy to help! Click here to get more information, & we'll have you exploring the depths of the Caribbean Sea in no time!

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