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Enjoy Spring Break Without the College Kids

Aerial view of a resort with over the water huts with clear blue water and white sandy beach

Enjoy Spring Break Without the College Kids

Forget the frat parties, keg stands, and overcrowded beaches overrun by college kids. Your spring break deserves an upgrade! This blog is your ultimate guide to a great spring break without the college kid chaos. Here are some of our favorite destinations for a more refined, kid-free getaway.

Side by side images of a resort pool area with the beach in the background and two beach chairs side by side under the shade of a palm tree on a beach

Destination # 1: Barbados 

If you're looking to truly relax without an influx of drunk college kids, Barbados is the perfect destination for you. With the backdrop of crystal blue waters and soft, white sand beaches, paired with a large selection of nightclubs, unique restaurants, and local shops, you won't ever find yourself with nothing to do. There are various 'adults-only' resorts in Barbados that offer unique accommodations, amenities, and excursions, allowing you to enjoy your spring break without the worry of encountering college kids!

Three images side by side with a view of palm trees on a beach with a green mountains in the background, a drink on a table on the beach, and a woman sitting on a dock with mud on her and a man in the mud below her

Destination # 2: St. Lucia

Escape the spring break chaos and head to St. Lucia, located in the Eastern Caribbean. It’s the perfect destination to bask in the sun, put your toes in the sand, and enjoy pure relaxation. If you’re seeking a little adventure while you’re there, you can hike the Pitons, explore the Sulphur Springs, or head out on a catamaran ride. And we can’t forget about the excellent accommodations that range from boutique hotels to luxury resorts!

View from the pool with waterslides and beach chairs with the all-inclusive resort buildings in the background

Destination # 3: Adults-Only (Basically Anywhere)

So this one is more of a ‘type’ of resort, but basically applies to any destination you can think of. One way to ensure a more mature themed spring break is to consider any of the various adults-only resorts in the world. You’ll find that most adults-only resorts offer a more mature and luxurious spring break experience while still offering entertainment, parties, and celebrations should you desire it. A 5-star spring break? That’s exactly what we want to hook you up with.

Side by side images with a view from the beach at dusk in Hawaii looking out over the water with a mountain in the background and surfboards decorated with paint lined up as a wall

Destination # 4: Maui, Hawaii

Maui stands out as an ideal spring break destination, providing a relaxing escape from the college crowd. Its family-friendly atmosphere makes it perfect for a peaceful getaway. The island is full of oceanfront resorts that cater to families. And if you're craving adventure, Maui has you covered – snorkeling, exploring scenic landscapes, helicopter rides, surf lessons, and so much more. Its blend of natural beauty and amazing amenities makes it a great choice for a memorable spring break experience.

Three images linked up with a view of resort buildings in Anguilla, a view of the ocean with the resort pool to the side and a woman in a plunge pool with a floating meal tray in the water with the ocean in the background

Destination # 5: Anguilla

Anguilla brings all the chill vibes. This tiny Caribbean gem has mastered the art of staying uncrowded. The beaches are amazing, practically begging for your beach towel and a good book. Anguilla’s luxury resorts are a cherry on top, offering a beautiful space to unwind and enjoy vacation. So, pack your sunscreen, leave the college vibe behind, and let Anguilla show you the true meaning of a laid-back spring break vacation.

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