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How to Group Vacation Like a Beach Bum

A group of six women in all different ethnicities in bathing suits with cover ups running from the ocean water up the sand while smiling

How to Group Vacation Like a Beach Bum

Ideas to upgrade the next group vacation

Ready to Become a Bum?

A Beach Bum, that is. Well, this is your definitive guide to crafting a group vacation that will not only give you the razzle-dazzle you seek in vacation but so much more! Let’s face it – nobody really likes doing all the work of planning, talking to multiple travelers, and making sure everyone is booked (unless you’re us), so take these tips to heart and we promise you will end with a group vacation you’ll never forget.

Mexico Is Very Group Friendly

Ah yes, we’re starting off with one of the hottest places to book a group vacation! It offers a splendid assortment of engaging entertainment, time on beautiful beaches, and turquoise waters to enjoy. One of the best ways to enhance your group vacation is by connecting all the dots of your destination to the type of travelers in your group. Mexico is perfect for that! You’ll find all-inclusive options that have so much to do from golf to water sports, pool bars to private yacht excursions, and even some adventurous hikes. Also infamous for the party life, any groups that enjoy all-night-long parties and celebrations will feel right at home here.

So, tip # 1: Choose a destination that truly meets everyone’s expectations of the trip!

Group of six people with glasses of an orange drink giving cheers with the angle showing below the group of people

Costa Rica Says: ‘Vacation Here’

Another way to make the group vacation the is by choosing a destination that offers some more thrills, like Costa Rica! This region is unique in that it is home to some very mystical rainforests, dense jungles, captivating waterfalls, and even some sloths to meet. Add on activities like zip-lining, cave exploring, horseback riding, and jungle hikes and you’ve got an enticing trip that will invigorate even the most experienced adrenaline junkies. Vacation is better with an itinerary too, so make sure you work with our team to secure your plans ahead of time.

To recap, tip # 2: Make sure your group travel is well planned and add in some adrenaline rushes for a more exciting experience.

View from the back of a group of four people on horseback walking along the clear blue water on the beach with palm trees around

The Luxury of the Caribbean

Okay, so we’ve covered the party destination, the adventurous destination, and now…it’s time we alerted you to the luxury that awaits you in the Caribbean! This region is unique in that it offers some of the most elegant and luxurious group travel experiences you can find in the world. It’ll be a group trip of pampering, fine gastronomic experiences, and amenities that might just make you want to stay in your suite all day. Pair all that with the world’s top beaches and crystal clear waters and your group trip will feel straight out of the Great Gatsby (minus Leonardo DiCaprio). For those groups who are more ‘pinky up,’ this is the destination for you. Let’s talk more about how luxurious we can really make it…

And tip # 3: Make your vacation a little more luxurious and really go for a rich experience, you may never be able to put that pinky down after this.

Group of five people in the ocean with a boat behind them smiling while swimming

The Best Group Travel

The final tip we are going to leave you with is…group travel is WAY easier when you partner with the Beach Bums for your vacation planning needs. We will get to know you, create a perfect itinerary that includes something for everyone, and even help to make sure everyone is booked the right way. So, don’t stress when it comes to the annual group trip – just call the Beach Bums.

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