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Beat the Winter Blues by Volunteering on Vacation

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

It's relatively common to feel down in the dumps right after the holiday season. In fact, the first couple months of a new year are notoriously one of the most depressing times of year, as the excitement comes to an end & people head back to school, work & other obligations. Besides Valentine's Day, there is no major holiday in sight for a while – & even that occasion can prove to be a bummer for people who are single. Frigid temperatures & shorter days definitely don't help, either. It's no wonder so many people begin to consider planning a luxury vacation to get away from it all, relax & soak up some much-needed sun. Of course, a getaway to an exotic locale can help you to de-stress, but there's a way to reap even more benefits from your trip. If you really want a fulfilling vacation that gives you a fresh perspective on life, you might consider volunteering through Beach Bum CARES

A recent study published in BMC Public Health revealed a strong link between volunteering & well-being. In fact, volunteers had a 22 percent lower mortality rate than non-volunteers. Beyond that, those who gave back also reported higher levels of happiness & self-esteem. So why the association? It could be because when you help those less fortunate, it makes you realize how much of an impact you can have on the lives of others. In other words, spreading joy to other people means you inevitably feel happier yourself.

So whether you're jetting off to the Bahamas, Mexico or Antigua, it might make sense to squeeze in some time with Beach Bum CARES between your sunbathing & snorkeling. The program targets impoverished areas & provides children with the materials they need to pursue their educational & career-related goals. The result? The overall economy of those communities can continue to grow.

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