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A Taste of Conch in Provo

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

When you want some of the freshest seafood on a luxury vacation, Turks & Caicos is the place to go. With a diverse range of aquatic life in the surrounding waters, there are abundant opportunities to try a variety of unusual fish prepared in an innovative way. There is a heavy emphasis on one kind of seafood here, however: conch. This fish has become an increasingly popular trend, with renowned chefs all over the world incorporating it into their dishes. For adventurous foodies, a getaway to Providenciales, which is the most developed island in Turks & Caicos, offers the perfect chance to learn about this shellfish while getting a taste.

While there are a variety of spots at which you can get your conch fix, here are some of the top places to visit:

Caicos Conch Farm If you know next to nothing about conch, it's worth taking a trip to the world's only sea farm that raises "Caribbean Queens fit for a King." The Turks & Caicos Tourist Board noted that you can observe the entire farming process from the time a conch is a veliger to its adulthood. There's some fun to this educational experience, too, though. You'll watch a show with two trained conchs & also get to marvel at the stunning pearls these shellfish produce. Most importantly, you'll have the chance to take some fresh fish home with you to make conch salad, one of the island's signature dishes.

Conch World For the epicenter of all things conch, head to the first & only commercial conch farm in the entire world for a Deluxe Tour & Tasting. First, you'll get a brief biology lesson, which will explore through displays & videos the techniques used for cultivating Caribbean Queen Conch here. After gaining some insight into the conch's four-year life cycle & the technologies that play a role in farming these fish, you'll gave the chance to observe & even touch some of them. Perhaps the best part of the tour, though, is meeting Conch World's mascot couple, Sally & Jerry. Once the guided tour is over, you'll have a chance to chat with them while sampling the conch & sipping on some "Porcupine Spike" rum punch.

Da Conch Shack Looking for a laid-back restaurant where you can savor some conch island-style? Head to this open-air restaurant, which happens to be a favorite for locals & visitors alike. You'll be able to sample conch in many forms, including ceviche, chowder, sauté & crunchy fritters. Wash it all down with a ConchKnocker, the eatery's famous & potent rum punch. Be sure to check out Da Conch Shack's beach bash every Wednesday at 7 p.m, which features live music.

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