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Your Wedding and Honeymoon All in One Trip

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of your wedding being set at a location far from home, where no one you know has ever said "I do"? Destination weddings may seem way out of reach, especially when adding in honeymoons after, but there are ways to make both much more affordable.

If you're concerned with price, consider combining your wedding & honeymoon into one trip. This act alone will save you money on travel costs as well as limiting the amount of time you have to take off from work to a single period. Resorts & hotels often offer package deals that have a wide range of price points so you can select just how much grandeur is right for you. Beach Bum's Sandals resorts offer a opportunity called WeddingMoons specifically for these occasions.

The editors of "Destination Weddings & Honeymoons" magazine point out that you can keep decorations at a minimum, utilizing the spectacular backdrop of your location as the true centerpiece. An exuberant locale will help you keep the guest list small & encourage your closest friends & family to stay longer than they would at a normal wedding's setting. This can double as mini vacation as well even if you don't spend every second with them.

It's your wedding after all.

Beach Bum Vacation concierge services can give you quotes, suggestions & more to help you plan your exotic getaway. They'll help you transform one of the most important days of your lives into an eternal memory that you can look back on & remember nothing but perfection. Take the wedding bliss & continue to roll with it right into your honeymoon in an extended sequence that will resemble your dream day. Don't wait to share a piece of paradise with your partner any longer than you have to. If you're going to live your fantasy, don't settle for anything less.

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