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Your Packing List for St. Martin

Packed suitcase lying open with purse, jeans, shoes, and button up shirts ready for vacation

Your Packing List for St. Martin

St. Martin, a captivating Caribbean island, boasts a unique division between its French northern side and Dutch southern part. With its enchanting blend of secluded coves, breathtaking all-inclusive resorts, and unforgettable culinary experiences, it promises a haven of both enjoyment and tranquility. However, to enjoy it to its fullest, proper preparation is essential. That's why we're here to provide you with some ideas to help you pack for the best vacation ever.

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Shoes and button up shirts packed in a suitcase

First Up: Clothes

St. Martin is typically what you’d expect. Warm, sunny, and tropical—but it’s subject to weather events just like anywhere else. When it comes to packing, it is advisable to opt for lightweight clothing suitable for hot days, with shorts or summer dresses being ideal for the majority of your time on the island. The nighttime can get a bit cooler so it’s also a smart idea to pack along a sweater or light jacket that you can throw on if needed. If it should rain or the weather become less desirable, you’ll have some options to make sure you can still go where you want without being worried about your looks.

We’re sure you’ll want to explore some of the fine dining available on the island, so go ahead and throw in some fancier options too should you find yourself in an establishment with a dress code. We’ll leave the style up to you. 😉

Beach bag, hat, and shows organized on the floor ready for packing

Next: Shoes

The ol’ pair of flip flops will do for most of your beaching activities and time in St. Martin. But, the island does offer some amazing adventurous activities, exploring, and water sports. Because of this, it’s a smart idea to bring along a couple extra pairs of shoes with your sandals. Tennis shoes are a great call here so that you can comfortably take on more challenging terrain or get active on the island.

For the evenings, you may want to consider some more dress-up shoes as you explore the vibrant nightlife, clubs, and restaurants. If you’re in a resort, shoes may not even be necessary!

Finally: The Extras

Preparing for your island getaway may seem like a daunting task, with thoughts of what you'll need, from your electronics to your luggage. Ensuring everything fits into a carry-on and meets weight requirements can be overwhelming. To ease your concerns, here are the essential items we recommend packing or obtaining before you embark on your vacation:

  • Travel Adapter Plug: You may need an adapter to charge electronic devices. Ask your travel concierge about this when you book your trip.

  • Sunscreen: A perfect vacay can be ruined by sunburn. Pack sunscreen and a lot of it.

  • Water Filtration Straw: Easy to pack and great for traveling abroad. The tap water is safe in St. Martin, but this can help you in a pinch.

  • Beach Bag: A lot of resorts will have beach bags you can use, but just in case, pack an extra light-weight bag to carry your things to and from the beach or whatever other adventures you go on.

  • Chargers: No one wants to have to buy a charger. Pack a few chargers for your devices so that you always have a way to stay connected.

The island of St. Martin offers a wide array of shopping opportunities as well. You'll discover incredible stores where you can find everything from French perfumes to Dutch delicacies, along with the essential items we mentioned earlier. Even if you happen to forget something, rest assured that you'll be able to acquire what you need conveniently on the island.

Tops of bug spray laying on a towel with seashells scattered around

Pack It Up

St. Martin is calling you to come visit. One click below and you’ll be in the air in no time, traveling to the best vacation you’ve ever been on.

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