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Why Tahiti is a Magical Place

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Sitting in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti offers a luxury travel experience like no other. Between its rich natural environment & the museums dedicated to showcasing its history, this is an island that can keep you entertained on adult vacations with nothing but its sheer location. The features of the landscape provide more than enough opportunities for travelers.

By finding the perfect balance between its ecosystem & history, many of Tahiti's appeals are woven together in tandem with the island's past for a perfect mixture of nature & education.

The picture-perfect countryside of Tahiti The island scenery will seem like something straight from a dream as you tour the mountains, valleys & lagoons of Tahiti. There are plenty of activities that will help you work up a sweat or there are settings where you & your companions can just relax, such as the famous Fautaua or Faarumai waterfalls, which are among the tallest in the world, according to The Tahiti Traveler. The sound of falling water into crystal-clear pools below may soothe you after the hike up the cliff, and if that fails, you can always try a quick dip in the refreshing waters.

For those who wish to see the true diversity of life on the island, you can visit the Water Gardens of Vaipahi​, where all kinds natural & imported exotic plants grow around Tahiti's only fresh water lake. There are three paths provide a challenge for tourists of all skill levels, which culminates in a cliff-side view of the whole park, reported Tahiti Now. A designated picnic area provides a spot for travelers to take a break so they can grab a bite while admiring the splendor of the lush tropical forest.

A place to learn of the island's raw treasures One of the rarest riches to make its way out of Tahiti has been cultivated for generations, & travelers can learn all about the process at the Pearl Museum. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum goes over everything from the formation of these underwater treasures to the reasoning behind their color & shape, according to Tahiti & Vacation.

The shores of Tahiti are unique in creating these luxurious pearls & there are several different types that hail from the island. Anyone who has ever been interested in these gems of the ocean should not miss a trip to the only museum dedicated to pearls in the world for an insight to this remarkable feat of nature.

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