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What We Love About All-Inclusive Resorts

View of an all-inclusive resort building with palm trees and ocean in the background

What We Love About All-Inclusive Resorts

If you're a beach bum like us, you're well aware that ‘all-inclusive’ means much more than just a daily meal and a place to sleep. However, if you're new to the vacation scene, allow us to bring you up to speed. In our perspective,’all-inclusive’ signifies that all your concerns, desires, and requirements are meticulously taken care of, providing you with a period when you can genuinely unwind without having to attend to things yourself. Let's be real, it's vacation time—and you shouldn't have to stress about planning your next meal or fetching your own poolside towels or spa appointments. So, come along as we delve into what we love about all-inclusive resorts.

Close up of a round table with food and drinks by a pool from butler service at an all-inclusive resort

All-Inclusive Favorite #1: Butler Service

What could be better than having a personal butler at your service during your resort stay? Among our favorite benefits of all-inclusive resorts, this one stands out. Yet, it's not a feature provided by every resort we recommend to vacationers. Nevertheless, for those resorts where this luxury is available, the experience is undeniably extraordinary. You'll have the privilege to ask for in-room amenities and relish attentive care throughout your vacation. Butler service is frequently offered for overwater bungalows and at some of the more luxurious resort destinations.

Close up of an elegant plate of food at an all inclusive resort

All-Inclusive Favorite #2: No Meal Left Behind

Let's be honest, going on vacation, especially with family and larger groups, can put a significant dent in your wallet. It's even more disheartening when you arrive at your destination only to discover that every meal will be an additional expense. Authentic all-inclusive destinations should encompass the cost of every meal, providing a diverse array of dining choices. The finest resorts and boutique hotels uphold this principle, and it's a factor not to be underestimated when deciding on your destination. While you're always free to enjoy a special meal in the city or beyond the resort, the majority of your dining experiences should be covered—that's the hallmark of a genuine all-inclusive experience.

Pro-Tip: This inclusive approach should extend to beverages as well (numerous all-inclusive resorts offer limitless drinks at various venues like poolside bars, rooftop bars, and in the lobby).

Close up of a woman's back getting a hot stone massage at an all-inclusive resort

All-Inclusive Favorite #3: Entertainment for Days

Now, let's talk about the last aspect we absolutely love when it comes to all-inclusive getaways: the array of entertainment and extracurricular activities available. Essentially, we're referring to those fantastic offerings such as spas, live performances, special events, and parties that add a vibrant touch to your vacation—and yes, these should all be part of the package you've paid for. This can encompass a diverse range of enjoyable pursuits, from water sports and ziplining to mesmerizing fire dancing and captivating luaus (especially if you're headed to Hawaii). If the resort you're considering isn't proudly presenting these types of experiences, it's probably a good idea to reconsider. After all, who wants to be bored during their vacation? Certainly not you!

Get the Real Experience

The best way to ensure a true all-inclusive experience is to call a Beach Bum and tell them you want a vacation that includes everything. We’ll know what you mean and we’ll show you all the options that match your preferences and your group—and of course, meets our standards of all-inclusive! Talk soon.

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