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What to Bring Back Home From the Caribbean

No matter what kind of luxury travel experience you go on, the souvenirs you bring back with you not only are an excellent way to show off to friends back at home, but they're an important part of remembering all the good times you had while on adult or family vacations.

Throughout the Caribbean there are locations that have their own identifiable memorabilia that tourists can pick up. Some are just a sort of proof of travel, while others are items you can't find anywhere else.

Bring the tastes of Jamaica back home with you For the travelers looking to expand their culinary palate when back at home, Jamaica offers a number of original spices & flavors that can transform any meal into a local-tasting dish. Walkerswood Caribbean started making sauces & seasonings in 1978 in an effort to bring employment to the local community, its official website stated. Its goal was to make it easier for people around the world to cook Caribbean food with all of its traditional tastes.

Using ingredients only grown at local farms, such as bonnet peppers & spring onions, condiment-makers like Walkerswood provide tourists with the chance to take a little Jamaican jerk back home with them to spice up their dinners. Some of the sauces can be pretty intense, so interested buyers should take care when selecting their choice out of the 15 different options, which range from Jerk BBQ to Jonkanoo Hot Pepper.

The colors of St. Lucia Instead of getting one of the generic T-shirts that simply states where you have been, St. Lucia offers a unique style associated with the island. Madras is a colorful fabric that seems to fit in perfectly against the backdrop of the Piton Mountains, reported USA Today. The cloth is checkered with a rainbow of colors & hails back to the time of traditional Creole festivals.

All around the island stores sell creations made up of this fabric. Popular gifts include a doll adorned with the pattern or even luxurious bed sheets you can purchase on the way out of the hotel. You can take the table clothes right off of the furniture & bring them home with you as a piece of your vacation that will remind you of your stay ever day.

Once you're back home, anything you wear with the Madras pattern on it will draw the attention of those near you, paving the way for all of the stories from your time staying at St. Lucia.

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