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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

All inclusive travel & family vacations are a great way to make memories in an unforgettable location, but taking some time out of your fun-packed schedule to help out the community you're staying in can transform your vacation into a completely different & fulfilling experience. Beach Bum Cares is a program that allows people to volunteer a bit of their time to make a difference in the lives of the people that aren't vacationing at the destination, but who call it home.

The next time you're in Costa Rica, consider giving some of your time to a noble cause like that of the Kids Saving the Rain forest Wildlife Sanctuary. The staff & volunteers of this institution dedicate themselves to helping injured animals recover so that they can be returned to the wild. Those that cannot be released for whatever reason can rest easy at their wildlife sanctuary, where they will be safe from the dangers that may wait for them in their vulnerable state.

This nonprofit organization not only works to help animals, but avidly plants trees throughout the area, having planted over 6,900 so far, according to its website.

Though all animals are welcome, the group focuses in particular on helping the monkeys of the country, particularly the mono titi monkeys. The organization has created a program designed at reducing the number of monkeys at risk from crossing streets that cut through their habitat, and this initiative is called the Monkey Bridge Program. The rope bridges installed around Costa Rica reach from canopy to canopy and provide a safe route for monkeys to climb on & avoid danger. Since the program was implemented, the population of the mono titi monkeys has increased from 1,200 to 3,700.

Next time you're having fun in the sun on vacation, dedicate some time to have a different kind of enjoyment. Help out the location that has given you so many memories by making a few more for a good cause.

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