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Visit the Cayman Island Blow Holes

The various destinations throughout the Caribbean pride themselves on their scenic beaches & tropical climates, but many of the coastal regions have their own unique features that set them apart from all the others. If you're thinking about luxury travel to the Grand Cayman island & are looking for something different from the traditional sand along the shores, then the Blow Holes on the eastern portion of the island is a stop for you.

Instead of the soft beaches the rest of the island sports, the Blow Holes are eroded from lime rock made out of petrified coral, according to USA Today. Due to the constant pressure from the waves below the water's surface, much of the foundation of the rocky coast has given away to the sea. Some portions of the surface have collapsed thanks to the crushing waves, leaving gaping holes along the entire stretch.

When waves hit the rock, the water shoots out of the holes in a huge spray, simulating the blow holes of whales when they launch jets of water. Some of the geysers can reach as tall as 20 feet, reported Cayman Activity Guide.

Looking across the landscape with streams of water launching into the sky & the sound of crashing waves below, the scene could top any other beach weddings with a different twist on a classic celebration. Designated picnic areas with roofs provide you with a cool spot to enjoy the scenery or for events.

The Blow Holes can add some natural beauty to any vacation & is a sight you can't see anywhere back at home. Witness the power of nature & the wonders it can create at Grand Cayman.

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