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Visit a Museum While in Cancun

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Adult vacations to Cancun are often filled with copious amounts of partying & tropical cocktails. As a go-to spring break destination, all inclusive travel is something of a norm at this notorious vacation spot where people can relax & have fun while escaping all their worries from back home. However, one thing that is not often on people's itineraries while staying in Cancun is visiting a local museum. Art & education are often the furthest things from their minds, but one museum in particular may be unique enough to steer people away from the hotel pools & beaches. Drawing in an estimated 750,000 people a year, the Cancun Underwater Museum offers tourists an experience at a museum you can't find anywhere else, according to The Huffington Post.

An exhibit beneath the waves Only a few miles north of Cancun, this museum is the largest of its kind in the entire world. With over 400 life-sized sculptures below the sea, English artist Jason de Caires Taylor has created an area where tourists can explore the natural beauty of the tropical water. The attraction combines water activities while also stimulating artistic thought where people can either snorkel or scuba down to depths of about 20 feet, according to Cancun Travel. There they can behold the numerous sculptures depicting people in various poses & situations.

More sculptures will be added in the future in what the operators of the museum hopes will be a growing exhibit, drawing other artists to develop their own work. This museum works both to express the artistic culture of the region while also serving to the betterment of the environment around it.

An attraction for the environment This underwater museum also serves as a conservation project to help preserve the aquatic ecosystems of the area by concentrating divers to limit negative side effects. All of the statues are made with a material that promotes coral growth & provides the underwater wildlife with a habitat. Every time you visit the Cancun Underwater Museum will be different as, over time, coral growth & other natural evolutions will transform the statues' appearances more & more.

This vacation, blend the activities you would normally do in a tropical paradise with this creative opportunity to witness something truly different. This is an attraction that can appeal to multiple types of tourists by combining the exotic thrill of contemporary art with the beauty of the vacation destination you've chosen. 

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